Garage Sale Find on Take Me Back Tuesday!

I love looking at old pictures and old photo albums. About a year ago, my bloggy friend Bex at Adventures of the Grigg Boys hosted a meme called Funky Foto Flashback, where we shared old photos. Life got busy for Bex, and so she hasn’t been blogging as much lately. (I still love you, Bex!)

Just recently I discovered LT at A Day With Two, and she hosts “Take Me Back Tuesday,” which will fulfill my need to scan in those old pictures!

A Day With Two

This past weekend was garage sale weekend. Literally. It was a special weekend for garage sales in our town, and so we went to at least 25 sales and missed the other 200. At one of the first sales I went to, I found this Norman Rockwell collector’s plate:

The title of this plate is “A Young Man’s Dream”. I’ve always loved Norman Rockwell’s illustrations; they are so nostalgic. I love this plate…see the decorative border? This plate reminds me of this photo:

It is a picture of my dad, probably taken by my mom, while he was a vicar in Houston, Texas. So of course, I had to have this plate!

Next week, I’ll tell you the story about a plate I don’t even own. This plate is called “Making Believe at the Mirror”.


On Wednesday, I’m starting something new, and I hope you’ll join me! I’ll be writing about a place I’ve been, and I hope you will, too. Then just link up your post, and we’ll travel the world together! (Or maybe we’ll just go out on the town!) Whether you’ve traveled the country or stepped out to your own backyard, share with us: Where in the world are you? Photos are a plus!

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9 Replies to “Garage Sale Find on Take Me Back Tuesday!”

  1. I am so excited you joined in on Take Me Back Tuesday!! I love the picture of your dad, and how you related it to your find at the garage sale. Isn't it funny how a small thing like a plate can bring your childhood rushing back?!?!I would love to join in on Where in the World Wednesday! But sadly I have not been many great places, so you may just see my home town and surrounding areas a lot! But it sounds too good to miss!!

  2. What a neat connection. Where in the World Wednesday sounds like fun, I'm not sure if I'll be able to come up with something this week, but it definitely sounds like something the kids & I can have fun with while they are out of school for the summer.

  3. I love that picture of your dad! A vicar in Houston? I thought that there were only "preachers" in Houston. "Vicar" sounds so British!I think Where in the World Wednesday sound fun. Can't wait.

  4. Oh what a cool plate to find! I love garage sales. Jamie hates them but I love getting someone else's cool junk for next to nothing. Especially toys and books for the kids (don't worry, I Clorox everything).

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