What’s in Your Mug Today?

It’s a snowy day here in the Midwest, and there’s nothing like a hot cup of tea on a cold day. Choosing the correct mug out of which to drink tea is an important decision. I like a mug that I can hold comfortably up to my cheek, to warm my face. My hand must fit on it just right. Of course, the design must also be a consideration. My choice for my tea mug today was this:

The curve on this mug fits my hand and cheek perfectly; and Winnie-the-Pooh always approves of a little something to go with the tea. Such as a small donut hole or perhaps a leftover cupcake, shall we say. And don’t you just love the little flower peeking out over the rim?

My morning coffee is another story. I love to drink my coffee out of my beloved Crate & Barrel mugs, simply because of their simplicity. I like my coffee simple, too; strong and black.

This mug may say “Starbucks,” but this mug is simply too big for drinking coffee from. I would be shaky and jittery if I drank coffee from this large mug. Plus, my coffee would get cold before I was even halfway finished! I use this mug to hide my drinking from the girls — my drinking of Coke, that is. Coke is the forbidden drink for them, and I feel guilty drinking it in front of them. So I hide my guilty pleasure in this Starbucks mug.

One of our favorite traditions is drinking hot chocolate when we come in from playing in the snow. I think you’ll see why I love drinking my hot cocoa with melty marshmallows from this mug:

The artist of these children and snowman is one of my favorites, Alaskan artist Barbara Lavallee.

What’s in your mug today?
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16 Replies to “What’s in Your Mug Today?”

  1. Over from SITS.Today, as every day, I am having coffee with enough French Vanilla creamer to make it as creamy as possible.Trying to learn to love coffee. So far, I just love flavored creamer.Glad I came over.

  2. Make number three a portable version and that's what's in my hand today 🙂

    (Though I made myself swear it's the last starbucks until I finish my column, oops!)

  3. The biggest mug I have (with cats on), filled with hot chocolate and coffee and a little something (only at night, never in the morning). Or some rooibos tea with plenty of sugar. Or (on a very cold night) some anisseed milk. Mmmmm

  4. I regularly tell my mom "don't give me that mug, it's ugly." Good welfare child that she is, she pays no attention to looks and if it is servicible, it is good enough.

  5. Very nice mugs. I only have some coffee on the weekend. I really don't use mugs often but I love to collect mugs. You should see my cabinet!

  6. I used a cup with my husband's company logo. It is a good thing he has a job in this economy.

    Stopping from SITS!

  7. In my mug was coffee… on my mug was McCafe… good old maccas had to wash up too! My mug of choice is the one that says "Yummy Mummy"… I need to be reminded of that first thing in the morning.

  8. HAHA! LOVE this post! It's very inventive and original! LOL. I am not a 'mug' person. I do not drink tea or coffe or even much cocoa. My husband, though, drinks all kinds of herbal teas. I collect polish pottery, and my mother in law got me some HUGE soup mugs for christmas last year, and Brandon has used them ever since. They're all girly and flowery, but he's secure in his masculinity.

    Hery- I have to tel you really quick, because your winnie the pooh mug reminded me- My kids tell this joke:

    Q: Why did Tigger look in the toilet?

    A: Because he was looking for pooh!!!

    ANd they laugh and laugh. You should tell your girls.

  9. Oh I'm so jealous!!! I don't even have my own mug. I just use my own generic coffee cups that came with my set of dishes. I LOVE your Winnie the Pooh mug! So cute!BTW, sorry I haven't gotten here lately. I miss reading your wonderful posts!

  10. tea. always tea. sometimes coffee, but it leads to addiction, no?!thank you so much for stopping by simply feather. i'm sure you, as a knitter, have ripped out a row or two in your works. wink! i know the seam ripper will make that sham for the better! thanks

  11. Did you say TOO BIG FOR DRINKING COFFEE? That's blasphemy! I've actually been on a soda kick lately and rarely go for coffee anymore. It got annoying not being able to drink it until it was long cold. Love your Pooh mug. I have a similar one that my gram bought me back in high school.

  12. Look at all your fun mugs! My favorite is a very silly one in the form of a cat face – I like it not because of the cat but because the shape fits so well in my hand.Filled with Celestial Seasonings "Bengal Spice." Yum – perfect for snowy days

  13. Just stopped by from Paloma's Coffee Shop to say hello. I love my Gator mugs to drink coffee from. They are big and colorful with Florida Gator's all over them. 🙂

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