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A few years back, my brother was in a bad motorcycle accident. He was in the hospital for a long time. He’s OK now…that’s not the story I’m going to tell today. But he is the reason that my mother, who lived 350 miles away from us, practically lived with me for a while.

One day, I was watering my fern. I noticed that the soil seemed to be awfully damp for a fern that was usually neglected. Then I noticed that the saucer under the pot was filled to the brim with liquid that was about to overflow. I knew who the culprit was; Mom had been pouring this:

into this:

Now, ferns do love coffee, but my fern was DROWNING, poor thing!

So, every time I feed this:

some of this:

I have to chuckle!

Did you notice my neato rooster watering can? He is my Christmas present from my dad! I’ll give you a personal introduction:

Now go read some more of these:


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8 Replies to “Random Tuesday Thoughts”

  1. I had no idea that ferns liked coffee…maybe that explains why the one fern I had back in college died after like 2 days of being at my house.

  2. I had no idea ferns like coffee! I have contemplated pouring old coffee into my plants (because, hey, coffee grounds are good for them!) but never did it…..maybe I should now! Thanks for the tip:)

  3. Love the kewl rooster watering can. Don't know why I've never watered a plant with coffee (though it makes sense to me at the moment) but I do spread coffee grounds in my garden. Guess I never stopped to think … or perhaps I drink all the coffee ;-)Hugs and blessings,

  4. Wow, maybe I'll have to brew a pot for all of the ferns that the frost killed a few weeks back. Hmmmmmmmm.Do they prefer cream and sugar or just black?

  5. That looks like something my dad would give me.I had no idea ferns liked coffee. I will pass this on to my aunt, who loves plants and coffee.

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