Nekkid Mole Rats and Other Random Tuesday Thoughts

Naked Mole Rat Gets DressedEmmy loves running around in her diaper at bedtime, yelling, “Imma naked mole rat!” Seeing as how our thermostat is set to 65 degrees, I try to round her up to get her pajamas on as quickly as possible. Two-year-olds + Bedtime = Trouble

We took Emmy bowling for her first time on Sunday. She didn’t care how many pins she knocked down, or if the ball even made it down the alley. All she cared about was the PINK BOWLING BALL we found for her to use!

Lily has been bowling a couple of times before, and since she insisted on throwing her 7-pound ball by herself, it rolled as slowly as molasses. It always made its way to the pins, eventually. Ed and I were so glad we only prepaid for ONE game. Otherwise we would still be there, watching Lily’s ball roooolllll doooowwwwnnnn theeee allllleeeeyyy.

I just remembered I left a laundry basket of clean shirts on the laundry room floor in the basement. I really need to go get that basket, or a spider is going to crawl into my shirts. There is probably a spider crawling in that basket as I write this. A spider? Heck, there’s probably a whole family of spiders moving in RIGHT NOW!

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P.S. One of my pet peeves is when people center their writing on their blog. But today, I’m doing it. Live with it.
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13 Replies to “Nekkid Mole Rats and Other Random Tuesday Thoughts”

  1. oooh, I have been thinking about taking the boys bowling sometime soon. That looks like so much fun!I just about choked at the naked mole rat! FUNNY STUFF!

  2. Good Morning Ginny Marie Sweetie…I love your randon thoughts today.The girls looked so sweet bowling. What fun. I remember those days so well. Sigh…They grow up so fast.Now about those darn spiders. Are they BIG or little? I can handle the little ones, not so the BIG ones.Hope you are doing well. Have a beautiful day today. Country hugs sweetie from Country Wings in Phoenix. Love, Sherry

  3. I'm still laughing over the image of Emmy running around in her diaper yelling "Imma naked mole rat!" 🙂 We set our thermostat at 65 degrees, too – and Princess Nagger loves to run around as Underwear Girl no matter how often I protest. 7yr-olds + Bedtime = trouble over here, too. ;)I wish the bowling alley in our area hadn't closed down – I would love to take Princess Nagger bowling! She might not like it as much as Wii Bowling, though, because she kicks my butt every time. :)Ewwwww! Hope no spiders took up residence in your laundry basket!

  4. Ha ha..Naked mole rat??? Where did she get that from…too funny!I've debating taking my boys bowling because I wasn't sure if at least the 3 year old was big enough. Now, after seeing your post, maybe we'll try!

  5. Ah, the slow rolling balls. Kind of sucks the fun out of the game, especially when the ball actually stops rolling in the middle of the alley and you have to get an attendant to go fetch it. Repeatedly. Shiny pink balls are awesome though.Crossing my fingers there are no spiders in your laundry. Ick.

  6. Emmy as a naked mole rat..haha. The things that kids come up with! Too cute!When we went bowling, we took our 2 1/2 year old niece. The first game took quite a while to play as the ball slooowly went down the lane. You posting about your girl doing it reminded me of that. No complaints though because it was fun watching her bowl and seeing her actions as she tried ever so hard to knock down the pins.

  7. Jonathan gets out of the bath, runs around, shakes his butt and sings a little song entitled "Nekid Jonathan! Nekid Joooonaaathan!"Three-year-olds+bedtime=TROUBLE.

  8. Sprite has a Dora bowling set that she's been warming up to. If she keeps liking it, we'll try her on the real thing soon! Here we come bowling bumpers!

  9. Too cute with the pink ball! We haven't taken Graham bowling yet but since your girls seem to love it, maybe we'll give it a shot.

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