Fat Heads and Other Random Tuesday Thoughts

On the way home from preschool yesterday, we were stopped by a freight train. Usually, I just look at the graffiti on the train cars as they go by, but yesterday I noticed something else. Painted on one of the boxcars cruising by was this: “Canadien National.” I’m not the world’s greatest speller, but even I saw that something was off. I looked at the next CN boxcar. It read: “Canadian National.” And then the next: “Canadien* National.” And then the next one: “Canadian National.” Hey, at least they’ve got a pattern going on!

Lily and Emmy both received some stuffed animals for Christmas. My sister-in-law gave Lily a zebra, and Emmy a cheetah. These stuffed animals have the biggest heads EVER! As I was looking at the tag, I noticed that there was a picture of a dog on the tag. Why was there a picture of a dog? Because my SIL bought Lily and Emmy DOG TOYS for Christmas! Isn’t that HILARIOUS?!? (She liked these stuffed animals so much, she bought herself a giraffe!)

*My husband found out that “Canadien” is the French spelling of “Canadian.” So there is a reason for the “misspelling!”

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9 Replies to “Fat Heads and Other Random Tuesday Thoughts”

  1. It's all about consistency.What can you expect? They are Canadian. Or should that be Canadien?Happy RTT!

  2. You're right – at least they had a pattern going on the freight cars. :)AHAHAHAHA! Those dog toys are cute! Princess Nagger loves penguins (along with dinosaurs), so when she saw a dog toy Christmas stocking that had a penguin in it, she was bummed it was a dog toy. So I bought it when she wasn't with me, then wrapped the penguin dog toy as a gift to her from our dogs – and the rest of the toys in the stocking got wrapped for the dogs. She thought it was so cool the dogs gave her a gift! Those that your girls got? Are way too cute – I might have to get one for PN! 🙂

  3. My brother bought my toddler a cat toy and the irony is that my kid LOVES it and my cat ignores it, so I guess he did well.

  4. Haha. Well, in all fairness they do look like cute toy plushies. Convenient if your kids like to chew on their playthings.

  5. I almost bought Jonathan a dog toy the other day….it was cute. He probably would have never played with it though! Maybe the dog would have!

  6. Ha, I've seen Canadien before and thought it looked weird. Thanks for the explanation.I bought my kids dog toys for their stockings too. They were pretty cute so I got them, knowing what they were. Heh.

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