Emmy Doesn’t Like…

Last night, I was sitting in the small hallway where all three of our bedroom doors are located. After I put Emmy in her crib, I sit outside her door for a few minutes, and that seems to help Emmy fall asleep. Lily was already snoring away; she doesn’t nap in the afternoons anymore, and falls asleep quickly. After a few minutes of silence, Emmy says, “I don’t like a snore.”

At least, that’s what I thought I heard her say. After all, her sister sounded like a buzz saw next door! I repeated, “You don’t like the snoring?”

Emmy said again, “I don’t like a store!” A store? What was she talking about?

I racked my little brain. What had we been talking about before I put her to bed? Wait a minute…

“You don’t like a storm?”


Ah-ha! I reassured her; the storm we were going to have didn’t involve thunder and lightning. We have been turning the thermostat down at nights, and in order to get her to wear her warm sleepsack, I told her it was going to be very cold and that there was a snowstorm coming.

So I sat by her door for a few minutes longer, holding her hand through the crib railing, waiting for her to drift off.

This morning, Emmy woke up and called for me with her traditional morning yell of “I’M AWAKE!”

I carried her to the window and said, “Let’s look at the snow!” We have about an inch of new snow on the ground, with more being promised for later today.

Emmy replied, “Is dere thunder?”

“No,” I reassured her again, “Snowstorms don’t have thunder.”

If only I could reassure her this easily as she grows older!

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8 Replies to “Emmy Doesn’t Like…”

  1. awww… sweet emmy. i don't like snoring, stores or storms either.wait a second – that's my cat i'm thinking about. yes i do like storms and stores and i snore (but so does my cat)

  2. Aw, that is so sweet. I know what you mean about wishing we could reassure our kids this easily. My daughter always makes me kiss her when she hurts herself and it always seems to help. Each time, I wistfully think that someday she will be hurt in a way that my kiss cannot erase. Until then, I am going to cherish every time she wants one.

  3. If only we could tell them it's going to be OK and the thunder can't hurt them and that we can ride out the storms, huh?What a cutie, though!

  4. My youngest says the same thing in the a.m. "Mommy, I awake now." Sometimes I just want to shout back, "Okay, but I'm not!" So sweet.

  5. Hah, they sure are ON when they wake up, aren't they? Graham comes barreling down the hallway FULL SPEED yelling "GOOD MORNING!!!". Not so cute at any hour that starts with 5.

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