When Mom’s Away, The Fairies Will Play

Technically, I wasn’t away, but I was in the kitchen making dinner. Normally, when I’m making dinner, the girls are demanding my attention the entire time. Yesterday, they were being VERY QUIET. I was wondering if I should check on them to make sure they weren’t getting into trouble. I thought I would find a whole tube of toothpaste smeared all over the toilet, or an entire new mural on the bedroom wall. Against my better judgment, I stayed put and finished dinner. When I called them down, this is what they looked like:

They were playing “fairies.” What a pleasant surprise! If only they could play together every day like that; I would be one happy mama! After dinner, they wanted me to make them wings, and I tried using paper bags to make wings that they could color. They didn’t look very fairy-like, but the girls didn’t seem to care. They flew around the house in their brown paper wings quite happily. And these fairy wings are green–they can go into the recycling when the girls are done playing with them! (Which will be very soon…shhh!)

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