Test Results are IN! And other Random Tuesday Thoughts

I have bees in my laundry room. I was washing a load of Lily’s laundry yesterday equipped with a fly swatter and my handy-dandy Dust Buster. We have a bee nest under our bay window in the front of the house, and Ed has sprayed and sprayed that nest all summer long, with no visible results. Now that it’s cold, they seem to have found a way in the house, and trickle into the basement one at a time. I even found a bee in the refrigerator yesterday. I have no idea how he got in there!

Fortunately, these are friendly bees. They haven’t been aggressive, and no one has ever been stung. But that doesn’t keep me from swatting them. They are a little groggy; they must be ready for their long winter sleep, or whatever bees do in the winter. I am a little wary of being a bee killer, though, especially since I’ve heard bees are in trouble.

Ed emailed me this morning that he wants to do laundry tonight. (I’m a lucky gal…my husband does his own laundry!) However, he hates bees, so I might offer to wash his clothes for him this time.

I woke up with a cold yesterday morning, and my coffee tasted HORRIBLE! I’m still a little stuffy this morning, but at least my taste buds are back to normal–my coffee tastes good again. Phew!

Some of you may remember that my family has been waiting for some test results. It took a long time, but we finally got the results.

My mom went to a genetic counselor to have her DNA tested for the breast cancer gene. Since our family has so many women diagnosed with breast cancer, and two of us were young, the lab kept testing Mom’s DNA looking and looking for a reason why we have such a strong family history of breast cancer.

The big news is: they found NOTHING! Mom does not have the breast cancer gene, so it’s highly unlikely that her daughters and granddaughters have the breast cancer gene!

I’m so thrilled! It does raise some other questions that will never be answered, like why did I get breast cancer when I was only 27? Mom was only 40 when her breast cancer was first found. We live healthy lifestyles; neither of us drinks very much, smokes, or are overweight. We may never know the answer; it seem to be one big coincidence that we both had breast cancer. At least I don’t have to worry as much about my sisters and my little girls going through breast cancer! Hurray!

Random Tuesday Thoughts was brought to you by Keely at The Un-Mom! Today she has a guest blogger; her friend FoN is taking over while Keely is on the road.

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12 Replies to “Test Results are IN! And other Random Tuesday Thoughts”

  1. I'm so glad your mom turned out NOT to have the gene. I'm sure it's a big load off your mind especially with your daughters. What a relief.I'm not a big fan of stinging insects myself, but it would make a great excuse for me NOT to do laundry. 😉

  2. The bees are really more of a nuisance. I'm more concerned about the damage they may be causing to the house than the liklihood of getting stung. Perhaps a call to an exterminator is in order. Don't worry, though, I'll do my laundry!

  3. Oh, I'm so happy you got good news about the DNA testing! But the bees? Ack. Smart move with the dust buster, that's how we catch moths and spiders here.

  4. Good new about your genetics & your coffee!Best of luck with those bees – if only you could train them to do the laundry for you……

  5. Woohooo!! That's some good news. My sister and I have been thinking about getting tested… my aunt has had breast and cervical cancer, so we're a little worried.

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