Have you been looking at Lemon Drop Pie this weekend? You may have noticed the colors changing drastically between yesterday and today. I just can’t find that one perfect color for the background of LDP. I also have messed up my comments somehow by changing my template, and now every post says there are “0 comments,” but if you click on comments, they all pop up, and you should be able to still leave me a comment. It is very frustrating! Hopefully I will find a solution soon.

I wrote tomorrow’s post before I started messing around with my template, and it is titled “Experimentation.” I was writing about Lily and Emmy, but in the end? I enjoy experimenting as much as they do.

As I was messing around, experimenting with this color and that color, I realized I am very much like my mom. One of Dad’s complaints as we were growing up was that Mom was always moving furniture. She was never content with how things looked in our house. She was always changing our living space by moving the couch from one wall to the opposite wall, or rearranging the pictures on the wall. When she was designing her church’s website a couple of years ago, she did the same thing in cyberspace. She was always readjusting the website, trying to make it look better.

I understand Mom–I want things to look different every once in a while. I hope you enjoy Lemon Drop Pie’s fresh new look–you never know when I will change it, once again!

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11 Replies to “Discontent”

  1. I like the background green, and I love that pic of the girls. I like to move stuff around too! The problem is, once I change something in my house, everything else has to change too, and just as often as not, I wind up thinking I need to buy something new, when if I'd just left everything as it was. . .Recent blog:=- I Has A Button

  2. I'll be honest…I'm not a big fan of green. But I am a big fan of you, so I'll put up with the green. :-)I'm always changing my blog too….and a lot of other things. I can never make my mind up. Eh, I think change is good …keeps things fresh!

  3. I'm starting to feel a need to move furniture, instead of messing with myblog! Although I know what you mean about then needing to buy somethingnew….

  4. I'm sorry my comments haven't been working for you. I think I need to goback to Blogger comments. Now, if I can just figure out how to do that…..Glad you like the new color!

  5. Heheh, that's my mom too.. the classic rearranger. I actually have a huge scar on my knee because of it. My mom moved an antique trunk and I ran around the corner and sliced my leg on a jagged corner. Your site rearranging, I like. It didn't cut me. ;)Recent blog:=- Club Half As Small As You: Month 13

  6. I liked the colors before a lot, but the ones you've settled on – is this periwinkle? – don't seem bad at all.And yeah, blog template work is always aggravating. People on WordPress pay serious money for good templates, because the coding is that much of a hassle even if one knows code. Knowing no code actually makes one feel like one's in the dark no matter what one does.

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