RandomTuesday Thoughts: Squashed Bugs

I hate finding a dead, squashed, dried-out bug in my library book. Ew. But I’m just too cheap to go buy clean, unused books at the bookstore. I also don’t want my collection of books to get any bigger. I have a basement full of books; I don’t need any more. Until I marry a doctor and can buy a huge house in the country with a room dedicated to books. Oh, wait, I’m already married. And not to a doctor. **sigh** (Love you, honey!)

I had a great weekend at a house in the country, (see yesterday’s post) but my butt is itchy. Something (a spider?) crawled down my pants and bit me. Double ew. I think it was while we were sitting out by the campfire. I wonder: I never saw the spider, so did it escape after it bit me? I’m amazed my big, fat…um, you know…didn’t squash the thing that bit me.

I really need to clean out the pantry and throw out the cereal that’s been open for 8 months that no one has eaten. I resolved to eat that shredded wheat in January, but it’s still in there, after I ate only one biscuit. In January.

Keely’s back from vacation! Or rather, her holiday is over! The rest of us are happy to have her back, but she’d rather still be gone. I always think of Christmas when I see the word “holiday.” How American of me! Go see her over at The Un-Mom!


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9 Replies to “RandomTuesday Thoughts: Squashed Bugs”

  1. Umm, I don't know if I would want to know about the spider, you about where it went. I'm just saying you opened yourself up for that one. Okay that sounded bad so I'm moving on…I love books. I can't get enough. ever.

  2. Spider bites on the bum. One of life's little mysteries!Dirty library books gross me out too. I like the new ones read by me only. Hey, I need a library room as well. Hey hubby……….! =-X

  3. If it makes you feel any better. the last time I was at the used book store, I saw a silverfish crawling around the books. If there was one, there had to many because they love paper. At least yours was dead.Recent undefined:=-

  4. not a fan of this comment form. i just left you an awesome comment and it disappeared into cyber space! anyway, as library sisters – i share your love for all things library. but i have never found a dead bug in a book. was it a book about entomology?

  5. The worst for me is finding food stains in a library book -ewww! As far as the cereal, I tell DH that if the box has been opened & has dust on top – throw it out!! He has some weird thing about saving cereal dregs…Recent blog:=- RTT- HC SVNT DRACONES

  6. Thanks for commenting. No, really, I appreciate it!My dad's cousin was bit by a recluse, and she's got a pretty big scar on herleg. I think I'll be OK, though. The bite is almost gone.

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