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I just rescued a lightning bug that flew into our kitchen via our holey screen window. I tossed it outside. I just can’t bear to kill a lightning bug. I have no problems killing flies or spiders, but lightning bugs? They are just so slow! It’s almost like they are begging to be caught. They want to be put into a jar. It’s a little mini vacation for them. The five-star jar has grass, leaves, and even little drops of water for them. The owner of this jar lets the fireflies out at the end of the evening. A bargain motel jar is very plain, and the owner only lets the fireflies out in the morning, or perhaps a kind parent secretly opens the jar after the owner’s bedtime. The Bate’s Hotel? A jar with no holes in the lid. Poor firefly.

One of my credit card bills was due today. Yes, I paid it in time. August 4. Who came up with that date? The 4th? Shouldn’t the due date be one that makes sense, like the first of the month, when rents are due? How about the 15th, the middle of the month, or the 25th, the end of the month? The 4th of the month seems so random.

My 4 year old never wants to eat breakfast, even when I put something in front of her, and then she gets super crabby because she hasn’t eaten. She’s been having terrible tantrums because she wants to do things HER WAY! Sorry, Lily, I’m just not going to let you watch six hours of TV in a day. She threw such a fit yesterday that I took TV away for today. That means less blogging time for me. This morning she asked me, “May I pinch your eye?” At least her grammar is correct.

Now I have to actually go play with my kids since the TV MUST STAY OFF!

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15 Replies to “Random Tuesday Thoughts”

  1. What I hate is the ever changing due date of Credit Card bills. One month they are due on the 12th, the next on the 10th, then after that they decide to have it due on the 8th. I think they want to to miss a payment on purpose and shift the date around so they can catch you.Recent blog:=- 51 And Falling…

  2. Hubby has the same complaint about credit card payments – none of them ever seem to fall on a 'normal' day of the month. Chris just might have something there about them changing the date to mess you up! ;)Princess Nagger was like that at 4…and now still at it at 6…it takes her FOREVER to eat anything, she's easily distracted. And if she doesn't eat, she get crabby…and complains about being hungry. Drives me crazy! Recent blog:=- Random Tuesday Thoughts – Jungle Weeds, Tractors, Day Camp Blues and iPhones

  3. Punishments like that are more of a sentence for us than they are for the kids, no? I've had to yank Graham out of Gymboree on several occasions when he got in trouble and inside my head I'm screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, MOMMY WANTS TO VISIT WITH OTHER ADULTS! I DON'T WANNA GO HOME!"Both of my kids are horrible eaters and they get cranky from being hungry too. Maybe we should make them a flow chart to explain the whole eating=energy thing?Recent blog:=- Random Tuesday Thoughts: Misaligned Smellpits And Horrible Musicals

  4. May I pinch your eyeball? Kids are hysterical! This summer-time outdoors stuff is sure taking away from my blogging! Gah! Have a fun day away from the tv. Who's punishing who here? Ha ha!Recent blog:=- ~RTT~

  5. I so remember when my youngest was 4 and everything had to be HER WAY! I hate to say it, but not much has changed since then (she's 14 now). But, at least when she is grown and out in the world I know she won't let anyone walk all over her, and she'll persevere! That's what I tell myself to stay sane anyway. heheLoved your random thoughts.Have a great day!RavenRecent undefined:=-

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