Random Tuesday Thoughts

I finally got the latest Jack Reacher book from the library, and as usual, it hooked me right away. So random thoughts today will be short and sweet so I can get back to my book.

Lily and Emmy have been watching Word World on PBS, and all the animals can talk. Sheep can talk, Bear can talk, Frog can talk, and even the bugs talk. They have been given the gift of gab. And the gift of spelling. But ol’ Dog is still just a dog. He may be able to help out with plurals, but the poor creature can only bark. How unfair is that?

I sat down to read a Franklin book to the girls the other day. Franklin is a turtle. He is the only animal in the book with a real name. All his friends are named Bear, Goose, Snail, and Moose. What makes Franklin so special that he gets a real name? He’s a nice turtle, but still….

It’s the little things that get my attention.

Want more random? Go see Keely over at The Un-Mom!


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16 Replies to “Random Tuesday Thoughts”

  1. I like Word World…found some word animals somewhere the other day…maybe at Target? I seriously don't remember…which sort of makes that comment pointless.Happy Reading!

  2. My kids are into Word World as well. Oddly, enough, I don't find it too annoying. It's even kind of cute……sometimes! Poor dog though. I agree that he is getting the short end of the stick!Now Jack Reacher, I'll have to look into those books! Thanks for the head's up!Have a great Tuesday! :*

  3. Sadly, my children are right when they say I can relate anything to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Your comments on Franklin made me think of an episode of Buffy when one of the characters (Oz) asked why the monkey was the only one to get pants among the animals in a box of animal cookies. So, that's my totally random comment on your Random Tuesday Thoughts post. Have a great day!RavenRecent undefined:=-

  4. =-X Okay, I totally love you! My kids are watching Word World right now and I've always wondered that about Dog as well. As for Franklin, I've always been torn between liking him and seriously disliking him. He's kind of a whiner…and he's really a brat in the one where he has to win everything, but he's pretty nice to Harriet. What kind of turtle carries a stuffed patchwork dog named Sam? It bothers me…Recent blog:=- Random Tuesday Thoughts: "What?! I have to put clothes on?"

  5. lol, don't worry, I have many days when my brain just won't work right. Yup, the monkeys were the lucky ones. They spoke with French accents and got to mock all the other animals with their monkey pants. Oh, and yes, Seth Green played Oz. I love Seth Green, he was such a cutie in Buffy. Recent undefined:=-

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