Funky Foto Flashback: In the Dorm

It’s a winter day in the Midwest, and I’m writing a paper in my dorm room. I was an undergrad, which would be about 1988. Look! Big 80’s glasses! That thing I’m typing my paper on? A typewriter! At least it was electric, and it even had spell check. It would beep if I spelled a word wrong. I still had to look up the word in a dictionary. My handy dandy typewriter even had auto-correct! Ooh, Ahh….

Bex is hosting Funky Foto Flashback over at Adventures of the Grigg Boys. Go see what funky foto she has this week!

6 Replies to “Funky Foto Flashback: In the Dorm”

  1. I remember those days. Your younger than me but I had a Brother typewriter that had memory, it was cool! Cute photo.Recent blog:=- KARMA?

  2. Oh, I remember!! At least we all had big glasses then!Thank goodness for Smith Corona & spell check, otherwise we would have had to go over to the CCCC (That was it, right? What a dumb name that was!)

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