Book Nook: The Chestnut Tree

This week, I’m going to write about a book for adults to read, instead of children’s literature.

A few weeks ago, I watched The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. At the beginning of the movie, the four children are sent away from London to the country, to keep them safe from the bombings of World War II.

When I opened the book The Chestnut Tree by Charlotte Bingham, she describes the same event. World War II is aptly described by its name; the whole world was turned upside down by its events.

THE CHESTNUT TREE The Chestnut Tree by Charlotte Bingham

My review
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The Chestnut Tree takes place in Bexham, England, and focuses on four women whose lives change dramatically because of the war. It is the first book in a trilogy.

Rusty, a seaman’s daughter, stows away on a boat which rescues soldiers from the beaches of France during a failed invasion. The consequences of this rescue haunts her for many years. Judy falls in love with Walter, and he goes off to war, soon to be missing in action. Mattie becomes a driver for the war effort; as a result she meets and falls in love with an American General. Meggie travels across the Channel to work with the French Resistance. Each one of these women work hard to support the war effort, and then are expected to return to their own lives after the war.

The description of living in the late 1930’s and 1940’s were fun to read, although living during those times was very challenging. From hairstyles to date nights, rationing to women working in a factory, Charlotte Bingham brings those years to life for her readers.

Just for fun, I wanted to find a picture of a 40’s hairstyle. Isn’t she cute?

Actress Maureen O’ Hara shown here with two pals, wears her hair in a style known as a “pompadour.” This hairstyle enjoyed a run in popularity during the Second World War, as it kept hair up and away from the face, an important safety consideration for women machinists and riveters. Wartime factory workers also used snoods (knotted or crocheted nets) to keep their long hair close to the back of the head. (Taken from 1940’s Vintage Fashion)

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