Update on the Teens

There is really not much of an update. If you haven’t been following along this week, Ed and I are “babysitting” our niece and nephew while their parents are in Disney World. Basically, they sleep here.

I took the girls to my niece’s soccer game for about half an hour on Tuesday afternoon. It was at a huge high school near us; I drove around the high school and surrounding fields for fifteen minutes before I found her game. It was behind the football stadium a mile away from the actual school. It was windy and cold. I bundled the girls up with blankets, and we sat in the grass.

We had to leave so I could take Lily to a birthday party at an inflatable play place. All the other moms looked totally put together, and I had extreme hat hair. I also discovered the blankets had not saved me from the wet grass. I alleviated my embarrassment by telling everyone we had just been at a soccer game and that’s why I had a wet butt. The other moms nodded knowingly; they are a pretty nice group.

Tuesday night, the teens did come over to our house relatively early (9:10ish). We had a nice chat with them before we went to bed. You know, about this new fangled thing called “Facebook.” Oh, and “Twitter.” They were all like “What? You’re on Facebook?” And “My Space is so Junior High.” And “I’m only on Twitter to follow Miley, ’cause she’s, like, so funny, and like, it’s so fun, and like, that’s the only reason I’m on Twitter, ’cause, like, yeah, it’s kinda stupid, but I kinda like it, so I’m on it.”

We really bonded.

Wednesday night it was almost 10 before they showed up, and I went to bed. Last night, I got a call from their dad, and they wanted to sleep at home last night. Their parents decided that was OK. We called them this morning; there’s no school today, but my nephew is working so he was up, and the house is still standing.

So there you have it; nothing like teens for making me feel useless!

(I’m sure they are glad to know we are here if they need us, though.)

(I mean, like, they are kinda cool with, you know, havin’ us here and all, just like, in case they might happen to need, like, you know, money for pizza, or somethin’.)

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