Random Tuesday Thoughts: Sitting at the Kitchen Table with My Morning Paper

Am I a dying breed? I love reading the newspaper. I love paging through the stories, reading the editorials, looking at the engagements, laughing (sometimes) at the comics. All the news, just laying on my kitchen table. I don’t have to stare at a computer screen to read the headlines, clicking my mouse to find stories. Today’s paper seems rather thin, and that make me sad. It’s not like I read my small hometown paper, either. This is the Chicago Tribune that’s dying. *sigh*

I have a confession to make; computers are good for something. Last week, I flirted with a man online. I know, I know, I’m a married woman. How could I? I barely remember how to flirt, but it was so much fun! The back and forth comments, the coyness, the double entendres…oh, you know. FLIRTING! C’mon, you do it, too. Right? Um,…hello? Are you still there?


Here’s another confession: The mystery man I was flirting with? Was my husband, on Facebook. (You know me…you could see that coming from a mile away!) Finally, a way to communicate about something that’s not about the kids, the house, or work!

I got so many awesome comments last week–thanks, fellow RTT-ers! I love your comments!

I’m so bummed that we don’t get cable. HBO has a new show called “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.” It is based on a series of books by Alexander McCall Smith. I love this series, and even blogged about the first book for one of my Book Nooks. Has anyone seen the show? Is it good? Wait, don’t tell me! Maybe I’ll find someone to record it for me.

Every night, instead of watching TV, I find myself watching Wendy over at among mad people instead. She’s been posting these videos called “afternoon quickie” which are really neat. Although since she’s in the Northwest and I’m in the Midwest, I call it my “evening when the kids are in bed quickie.” It’s just like sitting down with a friend and a good cup of coffee. Go visit her.

Visit Keely over at The Un-Mom for much more randomness! I really admire Keely these days…she does a humongous amount of commenting on Tuesdays! Don’t forget to visit her partner in crime, Kelly, over at Baby Boogers, too!


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