Seven Philosophies

When I was in college, I pledged a “support organization” for one of the fraternities on campus. It was really a little sister group, but for some reason unknown to me, little sisters weren’t allowed at my small university. We had to interview members of the frat and the support group as a pledge requirement. One of the required questions was, “What is your philosophy of life?” I interviewed about 70 people; fortunately for you, I’m only sharing 7 of their philosophies!

  1. “Those who live in the fast lane are the first ones over the hill.” (from my best friend’s boyfriend)
  2. “I hate philosophies of life–it’s too complex.” (my roommate’s boyfriend was so enlightened)
  3. “To survive my next date.” (I dated this guy second semester, but I don’t remember the first date. I don’t remember any of the dates…hmm.)
  4. “If you set goals for yourself that would otherwise seem impossible, and you only make it halfway, you’re still ahead of everyone else.” (I don’t even remember this guy!)
  5. “If you don’t succeed at first, lower your standards.” (I was terrified of this guy; I considered him to be one of the coolest members of the frat. So I cheated and copied his interview from my friend’s notebook. After we had graduated, I saw him at a wedding and talked with him for a while…turns out he is a really nice guy!)
  6. “Meaning of life is 42.” (my friend’s roommate)
  7. “When in doubt, don’t.” (a fellow pledge)

Hmm, I thought this list would be a lot more interesting that it really is. (snore) And I thought I had picked the more interesting philosophies from my notebook! I seem to use the word “guy” an awful lot…I must have picked that up from Emmy. Ed started referring to one of his friends as “that guy,” and now every man that Emmy sees is a “guy.”

If you are still awake after reading this list, visit abdpbt for more Monday lists!

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