3 Time Saving Tips

Last week I was paging through a woman’s magazine. Included in one of the sections were these tips for adding over an hour to your day. We could all use some extra time, right?

  1. “Dozing Off: Most people hit the snooze button three times. Plug in your alarm clock across the room. Time saved: 21 minutes”

    Snooze button? The toddler screaming “Mommy!” at 5:00 am doesn’t have a snooze button.

    Alternative: Get up at 4:39 am for those extra 21 minutes. (like I would really do that…NOT)

  2. “Rooting Through Cosmetics: Group morning and evening makeup in separate clear bags. Time saved: 10 minutes”

    Evening makeup? You mean I’m supposed to wear a different shade of lipstick when I fall into bed exhausted at 9:00 pm?

    Alternative: Don’t wear makeup. The deli lady will still give your kids a free piece of cheese. Plus, you won’t have to wash your face before you fall exhausted into bed.

  3. “Getting Caught in the Web: Minutes can turn into hours when you’re Googling. Set a timer, and when it goes off, that’s it. Time saved: 40 minutes”

    My timer is automatically set to 25 minutes: Sid the Science Kid. As soon as it’s over, Mommy is demanded. Please, PBS, couldn’t you add an extra 30 minutes to Sid? I’ve got blogging work to get done!

    Alternative: Let your kids get hooked on Sesame Street. It’s a whole hour long!

Visit Anna over at abdpbt for more Monday lists!


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