Random Tuesday Thoughts: I’d better type fast before the kids wake up


Yesterday I ate way to much frosting. Yes, I did. I told Lily she couldn’t have too much sugar yesterday because she would get a tummy ache, and then I kept sneaking bites of the giant cookie my sister-in-law gave me. Guess who got a tummy ache?

Last night I went to bed at 10, and nobody woke me up until 5:15. I got that kid back to sleep, which is unheard of. I’ve made up my mind…NO MORE BABIES!

But I love babies; their little fingers and toes; the way they coo at you and don’t talk back; wait, I’m getting sucked back in; I need to concentrate…how they need to nurse every two hours; the way they cry for 20 minutes to an hour every evening and all you can do is walk back and forth, back and forth, patting and soothing, while she snuggles into your neck…oh, no, think, woman, think…two hours of sleep, no coffee while breastfeeding…wait, no ALCOHOL while breastfeeding…NO MORE BABIES!

I love birthdays. I hear from people I haven’t heard from for a while. My brother actually called me. And not from a bar. Ha, ha, just joking, Mom. He never calls me from a bar! Well, almost never.

My very pregnant friend called me, too. She’s on bed rest right now…please ignore all that stuff I wrote about babies, T! Love you!

I think I still have a sugar high from yesterday.

Emmy woke up, and now she’s amusing herself by opening and closing the disc drive on the laptop. Really shouldn’t let her do that.

Only two hours to get myself and the girls fed, showered (me) and dressed. Seems like plenty of time, doesn’t it? Then why do I find myself screaming every morning at 8:59 a.m. “WE’RE GOING TO BE LATE!!”

Only one answer. Too much blogging.

Check out Keely’s random thoughts over at the Un-Mom. She’s sure to be more interesting than me.

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