A Breast Cancer Vaccine?

At a family get together last weekend, my cousin commented that Lily was a little Ginny. She favors me, while Emmy seems to favor Ed. The decision to have children was easy for me; as I have mentioned before I always wanted to be a mother. But I do worry that I have passed on the breast cancer gene to my girls, even though I haven’t had any genetic testing. (After my mom recovers from her latest bout of cancer, she plans to be tested, and then I will be tested when we have her information.) This news story gives me great hope that by the time Lily and Emmy grow up, breast cancer will never be a reality for them. Check it out: Searching for a Breast Cancer Vaccine. Both my mom and I have/had hormone receptive cancer, which I believe is the cancer that this experimental treatment attacks. I’m so excited about this latest medical research!

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