Lovin’ Our Local Library!

Yes, it’s true…I have “gushing book nerd potential.” I have admitted that I would rather meet authors than celebrities. Books are in my genes; I grew up in a literacy-rich environment. Newspapers, books, magazines…my mother was always telling Dad to stop reading at the dinner table because it was impolite. As a child, I watched my father write sermons; he read Bibles in Greek, Hebrew, German and English. His desk would be piled high with open books. I heard those marvelous sermons every Sunday morning. Reading, writing, speaking — I was surrounded by literacy.

As a child living in a small town, my library was my dad’s office. When my family relocated to the suburbs, I was thrilled to have a real, brick-and-mortar library within walking distance. And so, the library is one of my favorite places to take my daughters, as I try to surround them with literacy as well.

At our library, the first stop is this bench with a reading duck. There really are words in that book he’s holding!

Then, it’s on to say “hi” to the fishies. We brought our little neighbor with us on our last trip to the library. Hello, little fishies!

Clifford always needs a hug. He gets a lot of lovin’ from his special friend, Emmy.

Did you think our next stop would be the bookshelves? Silly readers, the puppet theatre is always next!

There are puzzles and games, story time and stickers, and so much fun to be had at the library! And yes, eventually we do arrive at the bookshelves to bring home stacks of books!

Christianne of Little Page Turners invites us to view her library, and it’s definitely worth the visit! Click on the button below to see their amazing library!

Little Page Turners

How about you? What do you love about your local library?

Where in the world are you this Wednesday? Next Wednesday, I’ll be telling you about the places we go! Whether you’ve traveled the globe or have merely gotten lost in a book, I’d love to read about the places you go! Have you documented your kids riding a camel in Egypt or clinging to a carousel horse at the mall? Show off your photos! Then stop by Lemon Drop Pie next Wednesday to leave your link and share your adventures!


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