Your Spin Cycle Prompt for 12/9

It snowed last night in Chicago, making it feel a lot like Christmas! How are your preparations coming along for Christmas? I have a way to go before I feel ready! Presents to buy, decorating to do, meals to plan…you name it, I still need to do it!

This week, we’re writing letters to Santa on The Spin Cycle. Pretend you are a kid again, and write a good old fashioned letter to Santa. Or give your letter a twist, and tell Santa what you really want! I’m thinking I need some elves to come fold my piles of laundry.

Last week, we took virtual vacations with all of your wonderful Spin Cycle posts. Gretchen and I loved reading them! I’d like to feature a different Spinner every Monday. This week, Kris is my featured Spinner. If you haven’t read her post yet on California Dreamin’, go, read, and comment!

“With each step my foot caresses the warm sand. It’s my little piece of heaven on earth.” ~Kris on Fitness

Be sure to follow our new Spin Cycle Pinterest Board! We’ll be adding your Spins there, too!

Now go, write your letter to Santa, and link up any time this week!

Second Blooming


Your Spin Cycle Prompt for 12/2

I don’t mind the brown leaves, or even the gray skies. This Thanksgiving was the coldest Thanksgiving in years, and I didn’t even mind. But tonight, as we were driving to go out to dinner, we had to turn our headlights on. It was only 5:00, and it was dark. Nighttime dark. This early darkness bothers me. And so we’re going to do some California Dreamin’ this week!

When the weather starts to get cold, yucky or rainy, where do you dream of going?

Write about it, then link up with Gretchen and me for the Spin Cycle this week!

Second Blooming


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