Traveling {Spin Cycle Prompt}

This weekend, we took advantage of the above-freezing temperatures and took a little road trip up to Wisconsin. It’s really more accurate to say that we took a little trip up the road! We jumped on Hwy 12 and took it all the way up to Wilmot Mountain. Those of you who live by mountains would call this mountain nothing more than a hill. But to those of us in the flat Midwestern states, we’ll call a hill a mountain, make some snow, and go skiing!

Skiing is not an easy thing to do, however, if you have a fear of heights like I do. Two years ago, I went to Wilmot Mountain with Ed and the girls, but I did not put on skis. I just watched everyone else ski! This year…well, I’ll tell you if I skied or not tomorrow.

Midwest skiing

Speaking of road trips, on Friday, I’m combining my Spin Cycle post with Ask Away Friday. I’ll be answering some travel questions from Tamara at Tamara (like) Camera, and she’s going to answer some of my travel questions!

For the Spin Cycle this week, I’m asking you (almost) the same questions I asked Tamara. Pick two or three of your favorite questions to answer, or answer them all!

  1. Would you rather take a road trip or fly?
  2. Where is your favorite place to travel?
  3. Do you have any sanity-saving tips for traveling with kids?
  4. If you could take a vacation without the kids, where would you go?
  5. What is your favorite activity to do while traveling? Do you like to read, sleep, listen to music, or play games?
  6. Is there a place you would travel to just for the food?
  7. One of my goals is to someday come home to a clean house, but it hasn’t happened yet! When you leave your house for vacation, is it messy or clean?
  8. What is one thing you would never travel without?
  9. My husband cannot sit still for very long on vacation; he has to be constantly on the move. How about you? Would you rather have a relaxing vacation or have activities planned from morning ‘til night?
  10. If you could photograph (or see) any place in the world, where would you go?

Link up the answers to some or all of these questions any day this week! On Friday, I’ll answer the questions Tamara asked me.

Spin Cycle at Second Blooming

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Skiing Lessons

One of Mama Kat’s vlogging prompts for today is:

1.) Share an activity you’ve enjoyed with your family this winter.

Back in January, we went skiing in Wisconsin. While I may have not actually put on skis this winter, I really enjoyed watching Lily and Emmy learn how to ski!

You can also view the video here, and while you’re at it, why not subscribe to my YouTube Channel?

Mama Kat and Mom Pulse


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