Sledding in November

Yes, we’ve had snow in November before. But we haven’t had good sledding snow in November before, or at least that we remember! Sledding on Sunday, snowman building today, and tomorrow? There may not be much snow left. It’s melting!

Watermarked Sledding Collagesignature




I had planned to write about our Fall walks during November’s NaBloPoMo. (Unfortunately, I blew it. NaBloPoMo, that is. Lily and Emmy had two friends over for a sleepover Friday night, and I completely forgot to write a blog post! Boo.)

We have had a gorgeous Fall, with lots of warm days and cool nights; beautiful leaves and dry weather; wonderful weekends to hike in the woods.

fall trees

We soaked in the sunny skies and jumped in leaves. Boy, did we ever jump in leaves! Ed piled up the highest leaf pile he’s ever made in our front yard. I have to admit, while I was raking it to the curb for the leaf trucks to pick it up last Thursday, I may have been cursing him and his leaf pile. But he just can’t resist. A little girl we know loves leaf piles so very much.

watermarked leaf pile

And then, on Friday night, the first snowflakes started to fall. And just like that, our beautiful Fall was over. The leaves haven’t even completely fallen off all of the trees yet.

Fall tree with snow

And now, it’s winter. The calendar doesn’t say that it’s winter yet, but the way the minivan slid around the snow-covered roads on the way to piano lessons yesterday said it was winter. The biting wind and snowdrifts say that it’s winter. Ugh. Winter is here.

snow covered tree

Until Wednesday, at least. Then the temperatures are supposed to go up and then we’ll get rain instead of snow for a wet and mild Thanksgiving. We’ll see about that.