Guilty as Charged

This morning was the last day of Sunday School at my church. I am trading one volunteer job in for another — out goes the Sunday School teacher, in comes the VBS director. As I was making copies in the school office (our church also has a parochial day school) the touch screen was not working. I needed copies of the VBS flier and wanted to copy it back-to-back with the VBS registration form. I wanted to give it to the Sunday School students on our last day. Which was today.
Did you get all that?
tap tap tap…the setting for two sided copies just wasn’t showing up.
Still no luck.
“Let me try,” the Sunday School Superintendent told me. 
She pressed the touch screen, and the setting came up. “Just press harder.”
I still needed to set the copier to copy one sided pages into a two-sided page. 
I still can’t get the touch screen to work.
“Did you just say what I thought you said?”
“I just broke the copier.” 
When I pressed down, the plastic covering the touch screen cracked. 
Not just one crack, but a million cracks.
I was able to make single sided copies, and had to run to my class. I felt so guilty. I had to duck into the bathroom to get it together, and then I still couldn’t stop the tears from coming. I wrote a note for the principal and the school secretary, and then I emailed them.
Earlier this evening, I heard back from the principal. They have been having the same problem with the touch screen. This is a loaner, because the school’s original copier is in the shop, having the touch screen repaired. No problem.
Big sigh of relief!
(stupid technology)
(I still feel bad.)
Help me feel better…what’s something you feel guilty about?

Odds ‘n Ends

This was the view outside my window this morning. We got another inch or two of snow last night, but that measly amount is so much better than the 7 to 10 inches the weather service was predicting earlier last week. So I decided to spend the day indoors, “cleaning.” I spent a whole lot of time trying to get things organized and put away, and the results of my efforts? The house looks exactly the same now as it did this morning.

A productive note–I finished my whatchamacallit! (Translation — I ran out of yarn. Who knew knitting took up so much yarn?) Emmy quickly claimed this piece of knitting as her baby doll’s blanket.

Which meant I had to knit Lily’s dog Cherie a little blanket as well.

I’ve started my next project, a scarf for me! (This time, I have plenty of yarn to finish it.) The scarf is going to take a while, so it will be spring by the time I finish it. Or maybe it will be winter again…it’s supposed to be a long scarf. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a sneak preview over on my sidebar later this week!