In Between

It’s an “in between” sort of time for me. There’s a Halloween black cat still hanging from the front door, and yet there’s a wooden turkey in between our bushes out front. Lily’s scary Halloween pumpkin is still sitting on the porch (I can’t bear to throw it in back yet), but there is my Christmas sled decorating my little wooden bench next to the scary pumpkin. The last piece of pumpkin pie that I am now eating was too big for one person, yet too small to divide into two pieces. It’s that in between time of not wanting to give up my daily writing, and yet being unable to find the energy to write a post. That time of wanted to persevere until I write something palatable, or the time to click “publish”, brush my teeth, and crawl between the covers.

I’ll have something more for you tomorrow. For now, I’m clicking….

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Washing Hair

The first time she washed my hair, the back of my shirt got soaked. Fortunately, I was just going home after my hair cut.

After that, every time I went to get my hair cut, she washed my hair first.

And oh, what a hair washer she was!

Janet and I didn’t really chit-chat while my hair was being washed. I just lay back with my head in the tub, closed my eyes, and relaxed.

Janet did more than just make sure my hair was clean for its cut. Getting my hair washed by her was like getting a mini massage. She took her time, used shampoo, conditioner and a rinse, and made the whole experience wonderful. I relished those hair cuts, which did not take place very often.

Unfortunately, hair washing is not a very lucrative occupation. The last two times I went to get my hair cut, she wasn’t there. Since she was pregnant, I wondered if Janet was at home on maternity leave.

Alas, she had decided that washing hair just couldn’t pay the bills.

I’m thinking that she will be just as successful at the next job she finds.

Simple BPM

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Greetings from Canada! I apologize if I don’t come to comment on your blog this week — I will visit you as soon as I can!