It’s the Small Things: Daddy!

On Saturday mornings, we have a little routine. Daddy gets to sleep late while the girls watch TV until 7:30. (This is late when you have to get up at 5:15 every morning!) Both the girls are always thrilled when Daddy comes downstairs on Saturday mornings. Ordinarily they don’t see him in the morning since they are still asleep!

This morning, there was an article in the newspaper about a coyote. Ed read it to the girls. The coyote had been stranded on a floe of ice in Lake Michigan, and an animal rescue organization went out in a boat to rescue the coyote. The girls were fascinated with this story!

And time spent with Daddy was also right up their alley!

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It’s the Small Things: Coffee and the Paper

I hardly ever see my husband before he leaves for work in the morning. I’ve grown immune to his alarm, which goes off when it’s still dark outside. My day starts about a half hour after he leaves, and the first thing I do is go downstairs to pour myself a cup of coffee.

Having that cup o’ joe waiting for me is a wonderful small thing that starts my day off right! Ed makes coffee at night, and then sets the timer for morning brewing. What else helps my morning get off on the right foot? Every once in a while, when I walk to the front door, this is what I see:

My newspaper on the front porch! I love my morning paper! I can bend down and grab it, without putting on my shoes and hiding my pj’s under a coat. My newspaper is usually waaaay out here:

Look at how far away my newspaper is! The paper boy doesn’t exist in our neighborhood anymore… how about in your neck of the woods? My paper is delivered by someone throwing the paper out of a car window in the wee hours of the morning. Can you even see my newspaper? Here, I’ll help you out:

These photos are from about a month ago. Now, imagine a nice layer of snow and ice, and you’ll know what I’m seeing out of my front door these days. The blue plastic bags they put the paper in helps me spot that sneaky paper in the snow. Every once in a while, my husband will collect the paper for me when he’s going to work, and bring up to the porch. Especially when it’s raining. It’s the small things!

Now, if only I had time to actually sit down and READ the paper. That would REALLY make my mornings great.

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