This Is Where I Fill You All In

Little did I know when I signed up for NaBloPoMo that I would be signing up for therapy.

I’ve been having trouble sleeping, but last night wasn’t so bad. After writing on my blog, I felt better.

Some of you know that my mom’s breast cancer metastasized to her bones. Now the cancer has metastasized to her liver.

This is not good.

She is too weak to have chemotherapy. Mom told me, “I don’t want to give up.” But chemo would just make her miserable, and wouldn’t prolong her life more than a couple of months.

The doctor told my dad that it’s a matter of days and weeks, not months.

Mom is surrounded by her four children and her loving husband. She is at a wonderful hospice, whose philosophy is all about life, not death.

You may read a lot about my mom for the rest of the month. If you continue to read Lemon Drop Pie, this won’t be the happiest blog in town.

But telling you about my pain makes me sleep a little easier.

Blogging is good therapy for me. Thanks for listening.

Speaking Her Mind

Mom took a deep breath and turned to face me. “I don’t think Mike is the right man for you,” she said.

Mom is never afraid to speak her mind.

“Well, Mom,” I told her, “I think you’re wrong.”

It turns out I was wrong. Mike and I broke up, and the right man and I found each other a couple of years later.

Mom has never been afraid to speak her mind. I can remember her telling me things she said to friends or co-workers, saying, “I hope I didn’t hurt her feelings…” or “I shouldn’t have said that, but I’m glad I did.”

Just yesterday, she turned to me and said, “Someone should just come out and say it!”

We all knew what she was talking about, but we still didn’t say it.

We just said, “If you leave us…”

She said, “I’m not leaving on a jet plane.”

So kiss me and smile for me,
Tell me that you’ll wait for me,
Hold me close and never let me go….