Easy DIY Scarecrow Costume

I haven’t had to wear a Halloween costume for years, and I liked it that way! (I know, I’m a spoil sport.) But this year, as a preschool teacher, I needed to come up with a costume for our class party. I had an old denim shirt in my closet and thought maybe I could whip something up. (October is turning out to be a crafty month for me!) I looked around the house for a flannel shirt I could cut up, but I didn’t like the colors I found. So I took a trip to Good Will, and found two orange shirts which cost $2.99 each.

My Good Will find

I cut some “patches” from the shirts, and using iron-on adhesive, I attached the patches onto the denim shirt and an old pair of jeans. Using some yellow yarn from the yarn stash I inherited from Mom, I stitched some large stitches onto the patches.

Scarecrow “patches”

Using a more straw-colored yarn, I sewed “straw” to the shirt’s cuffs.

Scarecrow “straw”

Add a red bandana from my top dresser drawer, and I had a scarecrow costume!

As a preschool teacher, I don’t wear make-up or masks because some little ones would be scared or get nervous to see their teacher look completely different on Halloween. They notice when I wear different glasses to school! If you would like to add make-up to your scarecrow costume, here’s a great tutorial: Scarecrow Make-up Tutorial.

I also used my Good Will purchase for another craft! Click here to see how to make Halloween Jack o’ Lantern Jars!

Are you looking for easy Halloween crafts for the kids? Here’s four you can do today: 4 Easy Halloween Crafts.

Happy Halloween!

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Candy Corn Marshmallow Pops

I thought that this month I had already reached my quota of being a crafty mom. After all, I’ve already made a reusable sandwich wrapper and hobo dance bags for the girls! When I saw these cute Halloween treats on Pinterest, however, I knew I had to make them! This recipe comes from Food Family Finds.

Some of the supplies you’ll need

I found cookie sticks, clear treat bags and white candy melts in the craft section at Walmart. Walmart’s selection wasn’t huge, and I had better luck finding the rest of my supplies in the candy-making section of Hobby Lobby. They had yellow candy melts and the candy coloring, along with the fancy twist ties. I bought regular sized marshmallows at Jewel. I was hoping to find the giant marshmallows I had seen this summer, they were no where to be found on this shopping trip!

Using the orange candy coloring to dye the white candy melts, I also added a tablespoon of Crisco for each 1/2 cup of candy melts. It melted very nicely in the microwave, and I dipped the marshmallows two thirds deep into the candy. I placed the marshmallows on parchment paper to dry. After the orange candy was completely hardened, I repeated the process with the yellow candy melts, dipping the bottom one-third of the marshmallow into the candy.

Candy corn marshmallow pops!

The unevenness of the candy screams “handmade with love.”

Bagged and tied for a cute Halloween treat!

I brought these treats to a Halloween luncheon one of my friends hosted for our preschool class and their moms. The treats were a huge hit! Plus, since I had put them in little bags, the kids could take one home with them. Such an easy treat to make!

What treats are you making this Halloween?

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