Green Day

Green didn’t start off as my favorite color. I never really had a favorite color, although blue was nice. Green kind of sneaked up on me. Being around kids makes you choose a favorite color. When children are drawing a picture for you, they will ask you, “What is your favorite color?” When my second grade students would ask me that question, I gave them the answer of green. When my own children came along, green was the favorite color of choice.

I reinforced my color choice by buying a dark green Subaru wagon. I actually didn’t choose the color; a green Subaru in the right make and model just happened to be on the car lot. I loved that car, and I loved the color of that car.

After we bought our house, one of the first things Ed and I did was repaint the master bedroom green. A nice, light, refreshing green. Minty, almost. I love it.

For Christmas this year, I received a gift I have wanted for a long, long time: A KitchenAid stand mixer in a beautiful pistachio. (The color in the photo doesn’t show up very well, but believe me when I tell you it’s a beautiful, beautiful green!) It’s so spankin’ new that I haven’t even used it yet! What should I make with it first?

Kitchen Aid
My pistachio green stand mixer

Green. It’s become my favorite color.

Now that I’m a preschool teacher, we have “color days” to help the kids learn their colors. In December, the color of the month was green.

“Green Day. And I’m not talking about the band.” was my Facebook status one morning.

When one of my husband’s old friends replied, “Really?” I knew I was in trouble.

But I replied back anyway, “Really. Today is Green Day for preschool!”

He replied with a link to the Urban Dictionary, which said: “Green day: A day spent smoking marijuana.”

I guess I’m never too old to learn something new about green.

What’s your favorite color?


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