Adapting to Change Is Hard to Do

When I told Lily that we had to move the clocks forward on Saturday night, she started crying. “But I don’t like to go to bed when the sun it still up!” she exclaimed. “It’s so hard to go to sleep!”

I consoled her by saying that the sun would still go down before her bedtime for a few more weeks, anyway. Lily also doesn’t want to lose her baby teeth, even though she knew the tooth fairy would pay her a visit. She cried when we bought a new toaster. The old one didn’t toast bread any more, but that didn’t matter to her. She still wanted to keep it.

Sometimes, change is hard.

Lily has a pet goldfish, Stripe. As usual, the main caretaker of Stripe has fallen to me, the mommy. It has been several weeks since I changed Stripe’s water, which is looking rather cloudy.  If I don’t change the water, something bad might happen to Stripe, so I plan on changing his water later today.

Sometimes, change is necessary.

Some of you have never even hear of BlogFrog before, but if you look on the right side of my blog, you’ll see a green box that says, “Join My Community!” I’ve been working hard, along with other bloggers, to build up my community on BlogFrog. Last week, we received an email from BlogFrog, telling us that they are discontinuing communities to focus on their marketing aspect.

Sometimes, change is unwanted.

In a real sense, this group of bloggers and I have formed a real community. Not only do we support each other on our blogs and social media sites, we also ask each other for help and advice concerning our kids, our work, and our lives. We’ve made real connections with each other online.

That green BlogFrog Community box is going to disappear, but I know the connections I’ve made with other Mommy bloggers won’t disappear. Those connections are the one of the things that I enjoy about blogging! To continue making connections, I’m introducing:

live laugh blog

Our new Google+ community! I hope to make this new community very interactive; a place not only to support each other with our blogs and social media sites, but a place to connect with each other as real people, too. Even though “blog” is in the name, you don’t have to have a blog to join! All you need is a Google+ profile. So far, we have 35 members.

Sometimes, change is exciting!

Tell me, has something changed in your life recently? How do you feel about change?



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