Saying Good-bye to Diaper Changes

Yesterday was a day of mixed feelings. I let go of something that I was happy to give up, and yet I was sad to see it go. A truck came to my house to take it off my porch where I had placed it. I was glad I was gone when the man came to take it away, or I might have come out of the house to tell him, “I changed my mind!”

Yesterday, I gave my changing table away to charity. Dare I say I spent hours standing at that changing table, changing diapers? On one hand, I am so happy that those diaper days are behind me. On the other hand, I’m sad to say goodbye to those wonderful baby days.

This is Lily on our changing table. She had just had her two-month-old check-up. She was such a happy baby, even after she received several shots at the doctor’s office! See that little round bandage on her pudgy leg?  We put that small, round mirror on the changing table for Lily to encourage her to look left. She was diagnosed with torticollis because she tended to turn her head only to the right. Personally, I didn’t think she had torticollis, but since I could only breast feed her on one side, I think she tended to look to only one side. She quickly grew out of that one-sided-ness!

I also took pictures of Emmy on the day of her two-month old check-up. She was always a little chubbier than my first little peanut! She was not quite as happy after getting her shots. She still hates them! While Lily is calm and quiet when she has to get a shot, Emmy will struggle and scream! I had to restrain her on my lap this fall just so the nurse could give her a flu shot.

See that little, red reading light clipped to the basket, next to the baby wipes? It was very bright, and I turned it on when I had to change Emmy in the middle of the night. I could see enough to change her diaper, and I didn’t wake up Lily in the process. Even though they have their own rooms, they are very close together. Lily started waking up again during the night when Emmy was born. I was one tired mama!

In the past few months, the changing table has been unused, a dumping ground for baby blankets, old baby shoes, towels, and baby wipe containers. Emmy has been potty trained since this past summer. We no longer have any use for a changing table.

Good-bye, good ol’ changing table. I hope another mama and baby will find you to help with that undesirable task of changing diapers!

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Symmetry

So, here I am on a Monday night, with free time and an available computer, but nothing much to write. So if I keep typing, maybe something will come to me.

So…it’s swimming suit season again, huh? It takes time for me to get used to baring my fat, white, wobbly thighs in public again. At the beginning of swimsuit season I always forget to shave my legs. I usually haven’t shaved them all winter, so it’s hard to get into the habit again.

I was checking myself out in the car window the other day. It was sunny outside, and I was standing in the driveway, so the window was like a mirror. I was staring at my chest. Ed was wondering what the heck I was doing. I replied “Looking at my symmetry.” He nodded knowingly.

I have an appointment on Wednesday to renew my symmetry. In May, I completely weaned Emmy. Now that I’m not nursing anymore, my left boob is way bigger than my right. Why, you ask? Due to my mastectomy, my left boob is fake, and my right boob is natural. So I’m going to go buy a smaller left boob on Wednesday. I’m going to a special boutique for a fitting. This time around, I’m not going to rely on the internet!

Too bad I can’t swap these huge thighs for smaller, perfectly shaped thighs.

Writing about my thighs reminds me of my big cushy butt. Lily has lately gotten into the habit of hugging me from behind, and she is just the right height to give my butt a nice, big squeeze. She tells me, “I love hugging your big butt, Mom.” I just wish she wouldn’t say it so loudly while we’re in line at the grocery store.


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