Angelhood, by A.J. Cattapan {Book Nook}

My neighbor introduced me to A.J. a few years ago, and we discovered that we had a lot in common. We’re both teachers and we’re both writers. Along with another friend (Mayor Crazyville) we started a blog “support group” and met for coffee and blog talk. And now, A.J. has become a published author! I’m thrilled to share her book with you!


The place Nanette feels most alive is on stage, and she has big dreams to become an actress. However, real life interferes with these dreams, and after a succession of tragic events, Nanette decides that life is not worth living. Little does she know that the afterlife is even more real than life itself.

She embarks into Angelhood and meets Vera, a girl like herself, also contemplating suicide. Can Nanette prevent Vera from making the same mistake? Nanette must battle the demons that haunt Vera and also must confront her own demons. Death is not the easy way out she had hoped it would be.

In this stunning debut young adult novel, A.J. Cattapan explores the age old question; what happens when we die? Cattapan deftly weaves Nanetteā€™s story into despair and back into the light; it is a story that will capture your imagination and keep it captive until the very end. Put this book on your reading list!

Angelhood is now available on Amazon, and will soon be released at Barnes and Noble.

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