Winter Outside, Spring Inside

Disclaimer: I’m participating in Hey, Let’s Grow, a gardening program sponsored by Monsanto, which provided me with a seed starter kit, Seminis Home Garden seeds, and a gift card for additional gardening supplies. All opinions, along with gardening skills or lack thereof, are my own.

This winter, Chicagoans were surprised by spring-like weather in February, and by winter-like weather in March. We now have quite a few inches of snow on the ground! I mean, seriously, a month ago my kids were ripping off their coats and running to the park to meet their friends, and today they were wearing snow pants and making snow angels in the back yard.

Outside it looks like this
Inside it looks like this

Back when it was warm in February, I was so excited about spring that I wanted to get my garden started! At the beginning of March, I decided which Seminis seeds I was going to plant and used the garden starter kit sent to me by my friends at Monsanto. Even though we usually don’t plant outside until Mother’s Day or later in this area, it’s not too early to start seeds, like tomatoes and peppers, inside.

Well, maybe it’s too early for beans. I’ve already had to put my bean seedlings in bigger pots!

Custard beans

I had no idea what lettuce and spinach seeds and seedlings look like. How fun to be able to plant them and see them sprout! I bought a small grow light from my local garden center to give my seedlings more light to grow by. I hope these little plants flourish–my hope is to have some lettuce and spinach to eat later this spring.

Spinach seedlings on right.

My little pepper seeds haven’t started yet; I think I see one little sprout starting to pop up! I haven’t given up hope; pepper seeds like it warm and take a little longer to sprout, from what I’ve read online.

Do you garden? What would you like to grow? Follow along with my seedlings and me this spring to see what happens!


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13 Replies to “Winter Outside, Spring Inside”

  1. My gardening skills reach to mowing the lawn and the weeds. But since I now have a landlord living in the same house, he takes care of the garden. I love having a garden, I just don’t want to do anything with it. Unless there are fruit bushes, those I do like.
    Mara recently posted…Photo on Sunday 2017-9My Profile

  2. I have a small balcony garden, where I plant some fragrant roses, strawberry, chocolate mint, blueberry, and guava. I’m planting some lettuce and spinach now, hope they sprout soon 🙂

    1. Try to have a small garden soon, it will be your happy after work. I love my garden so much, it bring to me more relaxing everyday 🙂

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