My brother-in-law brought over a special surprise for Lily on her birthday. He had found a praying mantis on his grill, and thought Lily would like to see it. Both Lily and Emmy were fascinating by their uncle’s find!

We took the praying mantis into our butterfly garden, and let it crawl out of the container by itself.


Carefully, and almost gingerly, the praying mantis climbed out of its jail. Within seconds, I believe I saw it grab a little snack with its intimidating claws.


The praying mantis slowly but surely kept moving. It was retreating to a safe place; a place where a predator would not be able to see it.


And that was the last I saw of the praying mantis.


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3 Replies to “Retreat”

  1. I love this, great photos! I always love finding one of these. Although I hear they are kind of like the destroying angels of the insect world, they are still such an interesting creature!

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