My brain sometimes has seemingly random thoughts. These random thoughts form little stories which amuse me. But are these thoughts worthy of being written into a story, or are they just nonsense?

Right after church on Sunday, my family and I went out for breakfast in uptown Park Ridge. As we were leaving the restaurant, in walked a guy with Rod Stewart hair, sunglasses and leather pants. Who was he? I have no idea, but he stuck out like a sore thumb. Was he a celebrity or was he a wanna-be celebrity? (I’m thinking celebrities do not eat at Eggsperience out in the ‘burbs.)

When I ran out to the grocery store today, I saw a couple of people I know. This always makes running errands take more time because I stop and talk. One friend wanted to know how my daughter was doing, since Lily’s best friend moved away over Thanksgiving break. I ran into a co-worker and we talked about school. I chatted with the cashier and bagger as I paid for my groceries. It was just an average shopping trip on a rainy, November day.

After I dropped off my groceries at home, later than I had hoped, I went to the gym. I started thinking about the guy with Rod Stewart’s hair. He couldn’t help but be noticed with his leather pants in a breakfast place on a Sunday morning. Unlike him, I didn’t want to be noticed. I just wanted to exercise at the gym and go on my way. But what if I really was the famous one at the gym, with the hooded raincoat and pony tail, not wanting to be noticed, because everywhere I go I see someone I know in this small world known as the suburbs. You know, I’m like Jennifer Lawrence trying not to look like Jennifer Lawrence if she was a plump, middle-aged mom living in the ‘burbs. However, who’s more successful at being incognito? The paparazzi didn’t get one photo of me walking on the treadmill today.

Nope. I’m not the famous one after all. So I went home and ate a piece of pumpkin pie for dessert.


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