Spring is Fickle

Every year, it seems like spring is a miracle. It happens some time in mid-March. All it takes is one warm day. All of a sudden, sprouts spring up out of the ground that was frozen just a week ago. Dead looking branches are suddenly full of life when fuzzy buds pop out on maple trees. The ice melts off the driveway that we got tired of shoveling, and the sidewalk chalk comes out.

chalk drawing

Another sign of spring is when your children start dragging dirt into the house and someone leaves muddy tracks on your freshly vacuumed carpet.

Spring is so fickle. We went on a hike last weekend in Moraine Hills State Park. As we walked, we began to shed layers in the warm sunshine.

Moraine State Park
Emmy and Lily walking their cousin dog, Bailey.

As we neared the lake, the breeze picked up. We began to scramble to put our layers back on! That layer of ice on the lake didn’t help matters.

frozen lake

Spring. It can’t decide if it’s coming or going! I hear it’s supposed to snow on Monday.

Happy First Day of Spring!

Spin Cycle at Second Blooming
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4 Replies to “Spring is Fickle”

  1. Couldn’t agree more and spring is indeed fickle. The other day it was almost 60 degrees and by that night it was windy and freezing again. And even today on the first day of spring it is supposed to snow here. Crazy, but true!
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