Roses in January {Spin Cycle}

On the first day of January, it was a beautiful, 40 degree day! There was no snow on the ground and we took a walk/scooter ride to the playground. I remember thinking that if the rest of winter was this good, I would be happy!

girls on scooters

We had celebrated New Year’s in Iowa with my family. On the way home, we stopped at one of our favorite places; the Wasserbahn at the Amana Colonies. We splashed and played at the waterpark first, and then we drove to Amana to our favorite German restaurant, the Ronneburg. It is a once-a-year treat to be able to eat schnitzel and sauerbraten at the Ronneburg.


The after-holiday blues set in soon after we got home. Then winter also set in. The temperatures dropped, school was cancelled, and I got the “cough and fever” that was going around. It felt like January had really begun.

We slowly got back into our routines once school started again. I started feeling better and took down the Christmas tree, the kids went back to school, and we finally got a little snow. The temperatures crept back up into the 30s, and one Saturday, we went skiing! Fun things do happen in January!

Just as I thought things were getting back to normal, Lily got the stomach flu. Bam! Home from school again! Fortunately, it was only a 24 hour bug and she was back to normal in no time.

Then I got it, too. I was down all day last Saturday. I couldn’t even function, and I had so much work to do! Laundry needed to be done, meals needed to be made, and there were a couple of writing deadlines looming over me. But I just couldn’t do it. The silver lining was that Ed was home that day, and he took care of everything for me. Well, not the laundry, but he took the girls to piano lessons and fed them. That was good enough for me.

This week, the last week of January, has been very normal. School every day (yay!), everyone is healthy, and I figured out what to make for dinner every night. That in itself is an accomplishment.

And on Monday, it’s my birthday!

roses in January (2)

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12 Replies to “Roses in January {Spin Cycle}”

  1. Well, it sounds as if for most people January is a month to be skipped this year! Glad you are feeling better though. Nothing worse than feeling poorly or downright rotten. Here’s to February!!
    Mara recently posted…One of twelveMy Profile

  2. Just a week ago, it was still pretty warm and no snow for January either, but then Monday we got the blizzard and it has since turned very cold. Just glad January is just about over and hope February goes equally as fast. Sorry though you were sick and just hope you are feeling better now.
    Janine Huldie recently posted…10 Things I Would Rather Then SnowMy Profile

  3. There are some nasty illnesses going around this winter. And then there’s the measles! During my annual physical, I found out my vaccination is no longer effective. Need to go get the MMR again!

    Hope you guys stay healthy the rest of the winter!
    A.J. Cattapan recently posted…New Headshot chosen!My Profile

  4. Happy Birthday on Monday!! So awesome. And I’m glad you won’t be sick. Yikes about the cough and fever and the stomach bug. I’m glad the whole family didn’t get it!
    January is a little rough for me but this new tradition of spending the last week of it in Florida REALLY helps. Then we’re refreshed and ready to come home… to a report of two snowstorms.
    Ah well. If we’re homebound, I guess we’re not picking up viruses, right?
    Tamara recently posted…The Sad Airplane Ask Away Friday.My Profile

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