There Was This One Thanksgiving…

There was this one Thanksgiving when my mom tripped while she was carrying corn to the table. The corn flew everywhere, and even stuck to the ceiling. We joked when we moved that there was probably corn still stuck in the rough, textured surface.

As a pastor’s family, Thanksgiving was a little different for us. My dad always had to work on Thanksgiving morning and preach a sermon. Three out of four of my uncles were also pastors, so they were also preaching on Thanksgiving Day. After church, we would load up the car and drive to the Midwest town to the family that was hosting Thanksgiving that year. Sometimes we drove to Detroit, Michigan. Other times we drove to Canton, Ohio. Sometimes we were lucky and got to stay put because we were hosting Thanksgiving. That night, as our relatives all met up in one place, there were hugs and kisses and lots of noise. The moms and aunts would start preparing for our big meal the next day–the Friday after Thanksgiving.

There usually wasn’t a bed for all of us. The cousins would sleep on the floor with blankets and pillows and the rare sleeping bag. The grown-ups got the beds. It usually took a while for us to go to sleep, with all the talking and giggling we did. The aunts and uncles yelled at us to be quiet and go to sleep!

The next day, when everyone else was eating leftovers, was our big Thanksgiving Feast. Turkey and green beans, mashed potatoes and corn, cranberry sauce and oh so many good things to eat!

Our extended family has grown and our traditions have changed. We no longer get together on the Friday after Thanksgiving. But the memories of those Thanksgivings past stay with us always.

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4 Replies to “There Was This One Thanksgiving…”

  1. Oh I can so see the corn flying! Your thanksgivings sounded eventful. We never lived around family so it was just us 🙂 Since becoming a mom I love making traditions 🙂 I’d link up a post but I’m Canadian and thanksgiving was last month 🙂 Have a great holiday!

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