Fall {Spin Cycle}

It’s still dark outside. For a few weeks now, it’s been harder and harder for me to get out of bed. I’ve grown used to the sun shining into my bedroom windows, early in morning, and hearing the bird chirping outside and godforsaken hours of the day. My friend and I used to joke about the darkness. It happens every year; why does it surprise us?

In the evenings, if we don’t go outside right after dinner, it’s too dark to ride bikes or play at the park. The girls and I got home around 7:00 last night, and they begged me to ride their bikes in the dimness of the evening. It will be even worse when we change back to standard time from daylight savings time. We’ll barely be home from school when the darkness falls around 4:30!

Even though the nights have been cold and the furnace has gone off to heat the house, the days have been sunny and gorgeous. This September has been a blessing to us after an unusual chilly and rainy summer. If it wasn’t cold, it was hot, muggy and stormy. Summer seemed to go by way to fast, but when Ed and I were thinking about all the things we did, we packed a lot into those three short months!

Yesterday, Lily and Emmy didn’t have school. I thought we should soak up fall and go apple picking! I still had to teach preschool in the morning, so the girls and I grabbed a quick lunch in the car and headed up to Woodstock, Illinois, to All Seasons Orchard. When we arrived, we saw several school families that had had the same idea, only they were leaving as we were arriving! During the week, not as many activities are open (no pony rides) but that meant tickets were a little cheaper and there weren’t as many people around. Oh, yes, apple picking is more than just picking apples. It’s getting lost in a corn maze, jumping on a huge outside pillow, and going down the tallest slide in the world. Well, maybe it wasn’t the tallest slide in the world, but it was definitely fun!

We did also pick apples and eat apple cider donuts. I took loads of pictures that are still on my camera. We drove home at rush hour, but fortunately we were going the right direction (east) and the Chicago rush hour traffic was going west. Ed was at a meeting last night, so I treated the girls to dinner out (I didn’t feel like cooking anyway!), we went home, rode bikes, took showers and went to bed. At least the girls did. When Ed got home from his meeting I rushed off to book club.

So. There are no pictures to go with this post. I will share them with you soon!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day off school. Our family loved picking apples too. We would always pick too many!

    Our furnace has also been on already. We best enjoy autumn, who knows what winter will be like?
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