Please Stay on the Line…

Tonight, Lily is sleeping soundly in her bed. I’ll check on her in a few minutes, and kiss her on the forehead. Unlike last night, she does not have a bowl next to her….

Last night was a different story. She was up at least three times, sick with the stomach flu. And so I was up at least three times as well. It’s times like these that I both dread being a mother and realize how much I love being a mother. When I was sick as a little girl, there was nothing I wanted more that my mom. I can still remember her soft, cool hand on my forehead when I was feverish. When my little girl is sick, I want to be able to make her well; to get her back to her usual self. What I can do is smooth her head with my hand; my hand may not be as soft or as cool as my mom’s was, but I hope I bring her a small amount of comfort.

Between recovering from Easter and Lily’s sickness, Lemon Drop Pie is on hold…please stay tuned…I wish I had some muzak to play for you while you wait!

(And I’m sure you’re relieved that I couldn’t get my hands on any Muzak!)


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16 Replies to “Please Stay on the Line…”

  1. Oh, poor little one. If it is what we had last week, it only lasts 2 days. A rough 2 days, but at least it does not go on for a week. I can bring you the notes from Wednesday meeting, if you want.

  2. Hope she's better fast! The only good thing about the virus is that it doesn't last a week or two like colds and flus! My husband even prefers it to colds. Me? Not so much. It's probably my one lacking area of parenting. Vomiting. You're strong!
    My recent post Moonrise, Moonset.

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