Background of a Profile Pic (literally)

If I didn’t have a profile picture, that wouldn’t bother me a bit. You know what I mean, don’t you? Showing a picture of myself online where the whole world can see my flaws…a little scary, isn’t it?

However, I think it’s nice to put a face with a name. If I like to see how you all look, it’s not fair if I don’t show you what I look like!

I first started using a profile picture when I joined Facebook. My favorite profile picture was one my cousin took of Emmy and me when she was a baby.

Emmy and me, 2008

Babies grow up, however, and so I needed a new profile picture for Facebook. Plus, I had joined the world of blogging. All of a sudden I needed a profile picture for Blogger. And then for Twitter and Gravatar. And Google+ and Pinterest and Blogfrog….

Since I seem to be the picture taker in the family, most of my profile pictures have been ones I take of myself. There was the profile picture that was actually of my profile, which my brother said, “Take it down! It doesn’t look like you!” There’s the one I took with my webcam, which my husband declared was “freaky.” Too bad if you want to see them…I’m not going to show them to you.

The latest profile picture I used was one that Lily took, which I thought was pretty good. But just last week I got new glasses, so the quest to have a new profile picture began once again. Here’s one picture I took of myself. It’s my studious look.

Do I look like a librarian or a teacher?


And here’s what was going on behind me as I took this self-portrait.


Behind my calm demeanor…

I haven’t actually changed any profile pictures yet. The thought itself is exhausting!


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37 Replies to “Background of a Profile Pic (literally)”

  1. I hate doing the profile picture too. Seriously, I see these people constantly taking pictures of themselves in the mirror and with their phones and it just never dawns on me to do that. Sigh, but I like yours ;). I think it makes you look more teacher than librarian though. Happy belated SITS day.
    My recent post Motherhood Misconceptions

  2. I love how you were able to crop your profile photo and look calm, cool, and collected from such a chaotic photo. I can totally relate since I have 2 young kidos running around my house. I don't know if you were giving us a tip on how to crop a photo into something great but that's what you did for me 🙂 I look forward to following your blog. Happy SITS day!
    My recent post Get Moving with the Alphabet

  3. Shh. My most common profile pic is about 4 years old. But I love it and don't want to change it. And your video on impulse buying was funny. I enjoyed your girls' chorus. If you have time and interest, I hope you will check out my blog. It is called Pruning Princeses (I have two, ages 8 and 10). The subtitle is Raising Girls to Love God in a World that Doesn't. I hope you will come check it out; I think it may encourage you on your mothering journey!
    My recent post When you Can’t Stay

  4. It's so hard to pick a picture of myself because I tend to see every single, little flaw. Each bump, crooked tooth, squinty eye, wrinkle, line, etc. I will admit that I often use photo software to "enhance" my photos (get rid of background, erase a zit, etc.). Happy SITS day 😉
    My recent post Green Giant Seasoned Steamers Winner!

  5. I hate having my picture taken. What I THINK I look like & what the camera SHOWS I look like are quite different. I like my version of what I look like better; I just haven't figured out how to get that perception on film 🙂 But your profile pic is very good & you do look like a librarian/teacher.

    Happy SITS Day!

  6. That's awesome. I'm going to start imagining the background of all profile photos now. Especially the serene, sunset on the beach ones- there's surely some chaos just outside the shot. Happy SITS day!

  7. Hilarious!!! I loved reading this! Oh the things we could see when we don’t crop or edit everything!
    Thanks for sharing this..happy SITS day to you!!

  8. This is great! When I started my blog and getting on social media my blog creator encouraged me to have someone take my photo in a casual environment (I used my backyard) however I like adding every day photos to my posts. I love the background in yours, it says so much about your every day life. Thanks for "letting us in" and I hope you keep sharing!
    My recent post Lighting Your Way through the Healthcare Maze

  9. I like your new profile photo, and I'm impressed that you can take one that looks so good with your phone. I do a terrible job of that. Hope you are well.

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