Why Mommy was cranky on Christmas Eve

My sister must have thought I was a crazy woman. She was in my dad’s dining room, and I was yelling:





Finally, just as I was about to give up, a nice photo appeared on my camera’s screen.

For once, it was the four year old that was smiling for the camera and the seven year old who was not.

Given all my frustration with Lily when I was trying to take a cute picture of my two girls, I couldn’t help but laugh after I downloaded the pictures on my laptop. Oh, those faces I captured on Lily! (I didn’t even include them all in the collage above!)

Besides my crankiness on Christmas Eve, we had a lovely Christmas.

How was yours?


17 Replies to “Why Mommy was cranky on Christmas Eve”

  1. Beautiful girls! Yes, thanks goodness for digital! A friend of mine took pictures of Jude for our Christmas card, and she must have taken 30 shots of him grimacing and goofing for every one sort of decent shot. It was like pulling teeth.

  2. Oh, those pictures are a treasure! Silly girls! They're precious! (But I can understand your frustration. My girls hardly *ever* cooperate with my vision of the perfect shot!)

    1. Yes, the visions in my head are much different than reality. When one looks beautiful, the other one rolls her eyes at me. And what will happen when they are teens? Whoa.

  3. I feel your pain, it is so frustrating to try to get a pic of both kids looking at the camera with their eyes open and decent expressions on their faces. I took the kids to the beach twice to try to get xmas card pics and got over 400 pics with ZERO useable ones and we ended up using one Jamie took while he was stalling them so I could pack the beach bag.

    Your girls are adorable and growing like weeds!

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