Words Cannot Express {Simple Moment, Bigger Picture}

I have heard through the grapevine that a college acquaintance of mine has started the journey; the healing path toward remission from breast cancer. On a mutual friend’s Facebook wall, she wrote about leg hair. That’s right; LEG HAIR! I remember telling others that while my head was bald, I still had to shave my legs. GAH! But eventually, the chemo made even that stubborn leg hair fall out.

I am grateful for the healing I received.
For the hair brushing my cheeks.
For the hair bristling on my legs.
(Yes, I am even grateful for the need to shave!)
I am grateful for the doctors I continue to see.
For the words I heard just this month, “Your labs look fine.”
I am grateful, so grateful, for the forty-two years God has given me;
For my husband and daughters; there are not words enough to express my love for them.
But yet, in the pit of me, a ball of fear reigns, like a tightly wound ball of yarn.
Panic’s claws threaten to unravel the ball; to pick at it; to make it–and me–come undone.
Fear’s tendrils weave through my body, threatening to stop me in my tracks.
With God’s help, those tendrils of fear dissolve. Words cannot express His love for me.
He gently winds that fear back up into a ball and weaves the fear away.
He was with me through my diagnosis and healing;
He will be with me at the end.
Fear has no hold on me.
He is with us now.
And I am thankful.

Bigger Picture Moments this month are all about Gratitude. Visit Sarah at This Heavenly Life  for more thoughts about thankfulness.

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14 Replies to “Words Cannot Express {Simple Moment, Bigger Picture}”

  1. Oh to know that freedom from fear that only He can bring. It's something He's been helping me to find this year – to be free from the fear, the anxiety, the depression that so held me captive. But, when He died on the cross for my sins, He set me free from ALL that would hold me captive on this earth. There really is freedom in Him. And can I just say AMEN that you are healed physically too! What a great God we serve!

  2. I can't think of better reasons to be thankful 🙂 A heartwarming post! And thanks for coming by my blog today!

  3. Our gratefulness overrides iour fear; I struggle with this, too. Being fearful in the midst of thankfulness. At the risk of sounding like a broken record because I just shared this over at Michelle Pendergrass' moment, I share again. It's been proven that fear and gratitude run the same pathways in the brain; you cannot feel both at the exact same time, which is why I think we're told in Phil 4:6 to "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."I'm thankful God has given you these years, too. You are an encouragement and blessing.

  4. This is powerful and beautiful. My Mom is a breast cancer survivor. Losing her hair was one of the worst parts for her. I am thankful for all survivors <3

  5. So beautiful and powerful! I have goosebumps!No on tho the frivolous stuff. 🙂 42? NO WAY! I have met you and I never would have guessed over 35. Also I love the mirrored like shape the words made, maybe it was on purpose, maybe not but I love when words take shape.

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