Let Them (not) Eat Cake

This is the first year I did not bake a birthday cake for either one of my children.

Baking and decorating birthday cakes have always been a source of pride for me. I’m not particularly talented at cake-baking; I actually implored my readers last year NOT to report Lily’s Ariel cake to the Cake Wreck website. Even though Ariel wasn’t the best cake design, I’m quite proud of the Hello Kitty cake I made for Emmy one year.

One reason I have always insisted on baking cakes for Emmy and Lily is because I still remember the cakes my mom baked for me on my birthday. I especially remember the cake during my horse-crazy year. Mom melted down chocolate chips to make a paper-thin sheet of chocolate, cut out a horse silhouette, and put it on the top of my cake. I loved that cake!

But this year, birthday cakes at our house have been doomed. Emmy’s birthday was on the same weekend as my Dad’s wedding in Iowa, and so we had a little party with a cake I bought. Lily has informed me that she now hates cake and so she requested a brownie ice-cream cake from the store.

What? No special cakes decorated by Mommy?

I have decided that next year, I will reinstate the birthday cake tradition! And if Lily decides not to actually eat the cake, then so be it! That’s more cake for me!

Lily may not have wanted cake for her birthday, but she did request that I make homemade pizza. So I baked three pizzas this weekend. It’s not cake, but at least I did make something for Lily on her seventh birthday.

Lily may not eat cake, but watch out! That girl LOVES her pizza!

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8 Replies to “Let Them (not) Eat Cake”

  1. I love that you still made pizza for her. Just celebrating in any way is what matters.My mom didn't always make me cakes but she'd cook whatever I requested. Odd but it was usually her broccoli cheese casserole which otherwise only came out at Thanksgiving. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I can't remember my mum ever baking me a cake. Not to say she didn't, I just can't remember. I know for a fact though that I never had candles on my cake. Ever!

  3. My girls love my decoration skills (well, who wouldn't love a monkey cake?) but they NEVER eat the cake. Err. But, like you said, more cake for me. I just can't go without that buttercream frosted goodness!

  4. I always loved baking cakes for them too and I tried to make them special. I liked to pick a cake design that kinda fit with their personality that year. Your daughter is like me. I'd happily accept pizza over cake!

  5. Happy Birthday to your girl!I've never baked a cake that actually turned out! LOL! Seriously! Oh well, thank goodness for cute Target cakes!

  6. I think it's so sweet to carry on the birthday cake tradition…even against their will ;)My mom always made us cool cakes for our birthdays and I too wanted to carry on that tradition. I've been decorating my daughter's cakes, but she's too young to appreciate it yet. My mom still bakes the cakes and supervises the decorating ๐Ÿ˜‰ I'm not so great at it.Oh, and I would also like to have a brownie ice cream cake. It's not my birthday…I just want one ๐Ÿ™‚

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