An Open Letter to My Blog

Dear Lemon Drop Pie,

I am writing this letter to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you. Really. It’s just that I’ve been busy. Busy walking. This morning, for example, I woke up at 4:50 a.m. to get inan early walk before Ed left for work. Now, mind you, I didn’t get up when my alarm went off. I stayed in bed for an extra fifteen minutes, but eventually I got out the door. The air was crisp and clear, and I was able to walk two miles before six o’clock.

This past week, I walked a total of 22 miles, most of them on Saturday. Now, I’m not telling you this to brag, but to let you know where I’ve been. And no, I haven’t suddenly become a fitness guru, I’m just in training.

You see, I need to do something. I need to do more than write about being a breast cancer survivor; I need to do more than recruit women for the Army of Women by being one of their supporting bloggers. Writing and recruiting are both good things, and I’ll still be here, doing those things. But I also need to get up from my comfy chair and take action.

In June, I’ll be remembering that fifteen years ago I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life; to have a mastectomy. Not only that, but one of your faithful readers has been lost. Lost to breast cancer. Do you remember what she wrote in your comments once? CMJHMom said, “We need to know the cause [of breast cancer], not just create the warm and fuzzy images of ‘survival’. I am still a victim, but that will not stop me!! I have too many precious people in my life. And, as always, I do know that God and His grace are always with me.” Just a couple of days before she died, she told me she did not want to give up. She was not ready to go.

And so I’m going to fight for her. I’m walking in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Chicago, and I’m going to be strong. I’m going to walk all 39.3 miles, no matter what.

The walk is still over 30 days away, and I’ve already been blown away by how generous people are. I needed to raise $1,800 to walk, and so many people are supporting me–including people who have never even met me! I’m amazed by their generosity.

One of these women is also a breast cancer survivor. Stacey, of Bringing Up Goliath, writes about surviving breast cancer in a very honest way. She first heard that devastating diagnosis two years ago, a diagnosis she never wanted to hear. For years she dreaded that she would hear that she had breast cancer, and her fears came true. You see, Stacey lost her mother to breast cancer. Stacey and her mom are two people for whom I’m walking.

Casey, writer of Half As Good As You, may have a potty mouth, but she is an incredible mother and she has a most generous soul. I have been hooked on Casey’s blog ever since I discovered it a couple of years ago. I’m so honored that Casey is supporting me in this walk!

I cannot praise Debby from Just Breathe enough. She has been following Lemon Drop Pie since she started blogging, and is the definition of generous. I once won her giveaway where she donated money to the American Cancer Society in memory of my mom. She is such a wonderful blogging friend!

I could go on and on about my friend and family’s generosity — I have already raised $2,005! It is my small wish that in raising this money, I will have played a part in finding the cause and a cure for breast cancer which may also lead to discoveries in research for other cancers.

And so, Lemon Drop Pie, you can see that I’ve been busy. But you are always in the back of my mind, and soon, I’ll start publishing posts more regularly. I promise!

Yours truly,
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8 Replies to “An Open Letter to My Blog”

  1. Oh, Ginny. I've been aware that you haven't been posting as much, so I'm happy to see this letter to your blog. I so admire your committment to this walk and your ability to get out of bed and go. I'm sorry you lost one of your friends to this stupid disease. Your writing is so poignant I couldn't help tearing up a bit and then I saw my name and tears came faster. Thank you for thinking of me and my mother and thank you for walking and helping to make a difference, not only for us, but for all those that come after. You should be very proud!

  2. Girl! I am so PROUD of you! I am so proud of your heart towards the research, cure and others who are affected by breast cancer. Wouldn't it be so easy to rejoice in your healing then sit back and enjoy a quiet life? Christ's light shines through you!

  3. Try to create a button that we can all share on our blogs. That way people can click it and make donations. I support you so much!

  4. Ginny, Don't apologize for tending to other things. I am working on my walking skills, too, as I am signed up to do a 10K soon. You are walking a whole lot further! 39.3 miles, impressive. I had my mastectomy in June also, one year ago coming up. Amazing all these similarities that keep popping up. Fifteen years ago, that's quite a milestone. Good for you! Good luck with your walking!

  5. Ginny, as I read this post I was thinking how wonderful you are. How blessed you are to be alive and how much time you give to get the word out. How much you know and how much you have lost due to breast cancer. Then reading the women you are walking for brought me to tears. What a great friend you are. Then the tears started flowing when you mentioned me.That was so sweet of you. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I am so glad to have meet you. ((HUGS))

  6. Here when you get back to regularly scheduled posts! You are doing something SO important. So good. Love that. {PS I got your email response, but I have been drowning in email! Glad you are doing OK. 🙂 } xxoo

  7. Ok, first of all, stop saying nice things about me. I've worked hard to get my bad reputation and I don't need you blowing it.I'm so proud of you for raising so much money! That is a huge accomplishment alone, plus you're walking 40miles to support something you believe so much in. You are awesome!

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