Covering All Her Bases

Lily wrote this note and taped it to the front door for Ed to see as soon as he came home from work the other day:

Her sweet note (almost) makes me wish I had a job so I could come home to notes like this.
P.S. Our little household is usually very crabby by the time Ed comes home, so there are days when Ed wishes he could turn around and go back out the door!

10 Replies to “Covering All Her Bases”

  1. What a precious note! It's one to keep for sure. I think it's interesting too, how Lily made a distinction between like and love. They really aren't the same thing. She clearly likes AND loves her daddy!

  2. That's so sweet! It's nice to remind dads out there that they are appreciated! My kids are often so excited to see him that they rush to the door. I wish I had that experience more often, but like you, I don't necessarily want to have to go to a job to get it.

  3. Aw! What a sweet note! I could totally go for a note like this from my oldest right about now. We are butting heads a lot lately.

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