We’re the typical suburban family, I think, living close to a large city with much to offer and yet hardly ever taking advantage of the city until we have a visitor from out of town. This past weekend, our nephew’s girlfriend was visiting him, and he wanted to show her around town. So the whole family was off to the Shedd Aquarium for a day of fun.
As I was looking at my photos from our day, I was struck by the number of circles I found.

Perfectly round spots on a little spotted stingray

I’m expecting a hobbit to come walking out the round door,
ready for a ramble around the Shire.
Moon jellies, round like their name

Tail circled around a frond of seaweed, this little seahorse is hoping a morsel of food will float by while he patiently waits.

Lily, taking a rest after playing inside an iceberg in the Polar Play Zone, can’t resist looking at the anemones in the tank behind her.

Emmy gets in on the fun by dressing up like a penguin with a round, white belly.

All of these circles remind me of my favorite poem to read aloud:

I am running in a circle
and my feet are getting sore,
and my head is
as it’s never spun before.
I am
Oh! I cannot bear much more.
I am trapped in a
. . .volving
. . .volving
. . .volving door!

Running in a Circle, from The New Kid on the Block by Jack Prelutsky

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10 Replies to “Circles”

  1. Love the photos and the poem is cute. When we did our trip to Chicago we realized we never took advantage of all the wonderful places when we lived there. We do the same thing her in California with visiters, we see places we haven't been before.

  2. Ginny, beautiful photos and what a nice thing to take notice of. I'm reminded and amazed every once in a while by my kids' artwork, it's always about the basic shapes, just as in nature. Everything is really just a basic shape if you look hard enough. Nice reflection, thanks.

  3. I've been thinking of taking our kiddos to the Shedd Aquarium…seeing these photos makes me want to do it soon! I was there a long, long time ago, and I'm sure it is even cooler now 🙂

  4. That was so beautifully done. Your photos are wonderful! I haven't been to the Shedd in many years now, but I do love it there!I also love Jack Prelutsky!!!

  5. We have a year membership to our local aquarium and the boys absolutely love it! And Jaylen loves circles, it's one of his Autism obsessions.

  6. Love that photo of Lily in her circle. It looks as if it could be the cover for a book!And the poem is very pretty and funny. Just as I like them!

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