The past few weeks has been full of firsts. Lily started Kindergarten, Emmy started preschool, and I began teaching preschool.

It seemed like Lily had two first days of school. Her first day was 45 minutes long, and a parent (me) had to stay with her.

 First day of Kindergarten…or is it?

The day after that short session, I took Lily to school for an hour-long assessment with her teacher. Since the teachers were testing all the Kindergarteners, we had to wait three whole school days for Lily to go back to school. Her second first day of school finally arrived, and after all that waiting, I didn’t blubber like I thought I would.

Yay, Kindergarten at Last!
Note to self: 
Put that Cubs outfit where Emmy can’t find it.

After seeing big sister going off to school, a week later it was finally Emmy’s turn. Yippee! Not only that, but Mommy started school on the same day as Emmy. I started teaching preschool in a different classroom at Emmy’s school. Sorry, no picture of me on my big day!

My turn!
I let Mommy brush my hair and put a bow in it.
That was the last time I’ll ever do something as silly as that!

So far, no tears have been cried by anyone who has to go to school. And we weathered just one temper tantrum by an unnamed 5 year old, which really wasn’t about school but rather something about Mommy being unreasonable. Ha.

Temper tantrums?
You’re looking at the wrong girls, dude.
No, sirree, no temper tantrums here!

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5 Replies to “Firsts”

  1. Adorable pics. Glad everybody's all smiles. B's start to preschool was interesting too – he went to his first session with half the class, then the other half started the second session and the first half stayed home, then they all go together from the third session on. Since there's only 2 sessions a week, that meant his first and second day were a week apart!

  2. How exciting for the girls and for you. Hope your enjoy your new job. Sounds perfect. Your girls are just so beautiful.

  3. Look at how beautiful your girls are! Glad to hear everyone's frist day went so well!! My daughter started first grade this year and I still cried a little!!

  4. With those girls being the daughter of their mother, they are born to like to school. I will wager that tears about going to school aren't eminent. (And yes, hide that hideous Cubs outfit! -from a die hard Cards fan).

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