Yip Yips

Sesame Street first aired in 1969, the year I was born. My mom heard about it, and was disappointed that we couldn’t watch it because we lived in rural Nebraska at the time. Educational TV was this new, fantastic concept back then! When I was three, we moved to rural Illinois, and while we still didn’t get great TV reception, we were able to watch Sesame Street.

In the Sesame Street I remember, the human characters, Bob, Mr. Hooper, Gordan, Susan, Maria, etc., all had more important parts than they do now. Many of the skits actually took place on…Sesame Street! Does anything on Sesame Street now actually show Sesame Street? I have to admit, I really don’t watch it. Lily and Emmy are more interested in other PBS shows right now.

My baby brother and baby sister were born when my sister and I were a little older; and so we continued to watch Sesame Street with them when we would have normally lost interest in watching. I have a horrible memory; but because of this I remember certain skits very well.

I wanted to show Emmy and Lily “C is for Cookie,” since I sing it to them sometimes. Of course, it’s impossible to watch just one You-Tube video! I stumbled upon this video. These aliens, or Yip Yips, scared my brother to death when he was really little! My sister and I thought they were hysterical, and this is one of our favorite skits. There’s nothing like vintage Sesame Street!

While we were watching this clip, Lily pointed to the strange black thing on the table and said, “What is that, Mommy?”

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